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Late Night Cab Ride

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A cabbie is driving slowly thru the Tenderloin district in San Franciso at 3 in
the morning looking for a fare. Suddenly he sees an arm shoot out from a
dark alley - trying to flag him down. While he slows down to a stop to get a better view - a dark figure rushes out of the alley, opens the rear door, jumps into the seat and shouts - "Just drive".

The cabbie starts driving and when he looks in the rear view mirror he sees a naked women sitting in his back seat.

So the startled cabbie says" Maam - I couldn't help but notice that you are not wearing any clothes"

the women says: - "So what"?

Cabbie goes : "Maam - I am wondering how you might be able to pay the fare?"

So the naked women moves to the center of the seat, opens up her legs - and puts them on the dashboard and says: "Does this answer your question?"

So the cabbie says" Maam - But do you have something smaller !!!"
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