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Spyder Chugach Pants

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I need to buy real ski pants for this season. I'm thinking about the chugacg pants bc they are the only ones in my town(i live in ky) where i could actually try them on, and they arent crazy expensive. However they are in spyders 'outdoor' line, not the ski line, but still include insulation and snow gators. Do you guys kno much about these pants? would they be waterproof enough to keep me dry a whole day out in the BC?

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bump. come on guys :P
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want to know the same info

Hey.. sorry I don't have answers, but I tried the same pants on, and they felt great.. I am looking for them online too.....

My own (very limited as compared to people on these forums) experience says that unless you're in deep powder or finding yourself falling quite a bit, waterproof-ness doesn't matter that much...... (make your own judgement though).

I'm looking to buy the chugach pants online.....
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