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Breck Imperial Chair vid

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Pretty interesting vid on their home page today. They are only going to put 15 chairs on the lift (upgradable to 45).
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cool vid...my first year with a 5 mountain pass..am looking forward to skiing high in the 10 mile range!!
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Any idea why they are only putting 15 chairs on to begin with?
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That is an old video..do we know when it will be up and running yet?
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Originally Posted by PerSwede
Any idea why they are only putting 15 chairs on to begin with?
They have wind issues. Supposedly with 15 chairs there will not be any significant wind closures. If that's true they'll add chairs. I think it's going to be trial-and-error to determine exactly how many chairs they can run and still keep the lift open an optimal amount of time.

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At ski school orientation we were told that
the chair has been load tested and is ready
to go when there is enough snow. They may
add more chairs in the future. There is not a
huge area for unloading at the top so the 15 chairs
may keep people spread out.
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I've heard January opening.

My guess is the 15-chair limit is to limit the number of skiers up there. I make it out to 666 skiers/hour (if my math is right; I didn't labor over it):

2714.8' length, 15 chairs means 1 every 362 feet on average. At 2.7 minutes to go 2714.8 feet, about 1006'/min. 2.78 chairs/min means 167 chairs/hour times 4 skiers per chair is 666.67 skiers per hour.

Feel free to correct my math!
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