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Base Bubbles

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I bought a pair of skis that have a few bubbles on the base. They do not feel spongy at all, but they have the appearance of a delam. What are my options? I am thinking about making a cut and putting in some epoxy, but with it not being spongy I don't know if this is needed.

What could cause this? Should I just grind it down?

Let me know what y'all think. BTW... great site!
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Sounds like without looking at it, the edge or basei tself was heated up beyond tolerable temps...(causing the bubble or delam)
This is not good, as the base material may be totally useless now.
I hope I am wrong and you can resurect them.
Have a good local tech take a look, they should be able to tell right away.
Good luck
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Techs cost money, and I bought these just to beat on (the bindings were worth the price). Any quick fix suggestions out there?

Forgot to mention that the bubble is in the middle, as opposed to the edge if that makes a difference.
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Are you sure it is not a binding screw that penatrated a bit too far?
If not, you can belt it down if you really are just going to beat on em.
If it doesn't go down then I would slice and epoxy.
Best of luck.
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As long as it is not separating along the edge, LEAVE IT ALONE for now. It shouldn't cause you any serious problems, as opening up the base MIGHT do.
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I would second katabch's comment--I created a bubble by overheating the ski. Mine was approx 1" in dia. and was elevated over the rest of the base by maybe 2 mm. It was only detectable when I ran my hand over the base looking for imperfections. My solution was to flat file the base material so that the little "hill" nearly disappeared. That pretty much solved the problem. Hope that helps you.

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This thread will be moved in five, four, three, two...now!

Tech talk, JONG.

But what everyone else said is probably right on.
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??? Where is tech talk?

Thanks for all the comments. I'll probably do as katabch said and belt it down. I will check the binding screw idea though... it is in that area. How would one fix that issue?
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What brand and type of construction/materials are they?
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Skis are Solomon 720s, bindings are Solomon S810s.
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Ha Ha .Sounds like someone has been lurking at TGR.How many aliases do you have ? I`m at 6 right now.
Originally Posted by saudan's boudoir
This thread will be moved in five, four, three, two...now!

Tech talk, JONG.

But what everyone else said is probably right on.
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I'm on my third one here, but that's just because the first two got banned years ago--stepped out of line, and that was it.
I only have one at TGR, aside from when I had to be basom's proofreader for a short time. Oh yeah, I forgot about Christina Ricci.
I actually am surprised this thread didn't get moved--maybe it's just because I suggested it before they got a chance to? Or someone's asleep at the switch. Fun, fun, fun.
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So I was a day early...
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Now that I'm in the proper forum (sorry folks)...

The bulge is under the bindings, and perhaps the binding screws. If the bindings are moved (which they have to be) will the ski recover, or should I go ahead and sand it down?

Any tips on using a belt sander (besides don't use one)? El cheapo skis and el cheapo skier. Just want to get them park worthy... no racing here.
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