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Twin Tips, Hot or Hype?

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Just wondering for anyone who has tried them. It seems like this is the first year that they are really being marketed for all mountain skiing. Right now I feel no need to go backwards, any other advantages to them? Thoughts?
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The biggest advantage is that you can buy your way into the NEW SCHOOL without having to huck, grab, railslide, or get tattoos and piercings. What a bargain!
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Twin tips are the way to go. I have a pair of 1080's which are nice to jump and land fakie and what-so-ever. But my all mountain Volkl G4's are sweet. The twin tip unloads earlier than a conventional tip, which makes it great in the steeps and much quicker in all other places. Also, if you get into an area that is really tight, you can back up in deep snow without digging in your tails. As far as I'm concerned, twin-tip all moutain skis are the way to go.
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I have Volkls that have that twin-tip too. It makes it impossible to slot the stored ski into Loon Mountain (NH)'s gondola ski-holder (the ski end is too wide), I have to separate them and put them into two different slots on the gondola. It suxxors.
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I started riding twins just this year, although I was jibbing and hucking for many years prior (for milesb). Twins are a fun all-mtn tool, except that they really don't compare performance wise to say a G3, Axis X Pro, etc. I used my Concepts in crud and chewed up pow, and they were great. On super hard packed, on the other hand, they leave a bit to be desired. For a young kid who likes the park more than the rest of the hill, they are great. For folks who don't take air or more specifically, have no plans on landng fakie, other skis are better. I think twins are just swell!
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I think twins are here to stay. I have been riding them for three years now and they are great all mountain skis. Yes they do lack the performance of some skis but this margine is becomming smaller and smaller every year. They are also generaly shorter and lighter so you can throught them around very easily and are great in tight spots. I ride my 1080's about 75% of the time excepy when there is a lot of pow or it is very icy. Then the xxx's or p40's come out. Overall they are great all mountain skis.
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