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Ice Skating

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These days I have been ice skating in an indoor rink three times a week for an hour in order to get into ski shape. I'm an accomplished skater and can put in a rugged session. Has anyone else found that skating conditions the right skiing muscles? I've never prepared for a season this way before.
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I do most of my skating on skis. I think it is great, though it still misses some of the impact of skiing and I still get a bit sore.
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I try to do 2 nights a week at the indoor rink as well. By doing some laps in a slalom motion, with no picking up or stoking with the skates, I feel like I'm getting some workout on my skiing leg muscles. I also like to do a few laps of swizzles....it may look a little foolish, but it sure works the inner thighs.

Besides, one of these nights is with people from a ski club that I belong to, so that makes it ski related to me. Spending a hour or two going around in circles gives us plenty of time to compare our favorite resorts, vacation locations, gear, etc.
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I play hockey year round and it really makes a difference. For a couple of years I did not play because of time and travel issues and I really noticed a difference in my stamina for skiing and my legs felt stronger and never really got fatiqued after I started playing again.
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Great Replies.

Actually, I used to be an avid ski-skater, but I found that the Salami SNS skate system wasn't that good for my knees. However, I don't know if it was just the in-track stuff I was doing with racing skiis that was causing them to swell, but when I went back to using a three pin, the trouble went away. I have a light Trak Pinso Delrin binding with which I can skate. I gave up Hockey when I was in my twenties. I just don't like taking the hits. In addition, I hate indoor rinks. The ice, though, is great if it doesn't get a lot of traffic and the ice-maker has some simple skills. Whatever, I find in this shoulder season between major sports, skating helps me to condition.
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