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mid-fat question

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Hello everybody,
it's my first post at the forum,although i've been watching most of the topics for about a month.I find both of your questions and answers quite intersting,so i would appreciate your help.
I'm 1.77cm height and about 75kg weight.I used to run groomed blacks,but the last 3 seasons i discovered what off-piste ski means and i really loved it(i'm stuck to it,actually).So,i'm a 30% groomer and 70% spend it on crud surface and powder(when i find some).I think mid-fat skis is what suits me.So my list has:
Head im 75 crf monster(170-177)
Rossignol Bandit B2(170-176)
Fischer big stix 76(175)
Blizzard FXP 7.5(175)
I'm considering about the lenght.Should i stay at around 170(i really don't ski in open fields and I'm used to tight turns) or try around 177 for more floatation and stability?
I'm open to proposals from other manufacturers also.

thank you and sorry for any mistakes in my English...
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hi, Zox

If I were you, I would go with a slightly wider 170cm ski.
try looking at Rossignol B2, salomon scream 10 xtrahot, atomic R:ex, or atomic 9.22. If you plan on beoming more advaced soon, you might want to look for a 175-180, which will also give you more floatation.

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