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Best Powder Ski 2006?

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The latest Powder ski harvest is upon us. Some skis, richly endowed with wondrous graphics, lay forth enthralling promise of Godlike prowess. Hmmm...Tempting.

Which then, of these majestic blades, hewn by our members through all manner of early season slog, may rightfully ascend to the EpicMantle: Best Powder Ski - 2006?
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Volkl Gotama
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PMGear Bro Ski
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Atomic Powder Plus....?

Mantra? You're kidding, right?
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Best Powder ski?

My vote goes to the K2 Maden'AK.

I have never skied it, probably will never need a ski w/ over a 100mm waist, but it sure looks like it will float like a pair of water skis.
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Originally Posted by Highway Star
Atomic Powder Plus....?

Mantra? You're kidding, right?
If it was still the 80s and anyone was even making, let alone selling the Atomic Powder Plus, you might have an argument. But its not going to be the Powder ski of 2006. Stricktly powder, Sanouk could be legendary. The limited production PMGear Bros are showing up on some of the best skiers and toughest terrain. If they can get production together, this ski could be a living legend (hopefully not in the sense of the Spatula). Also in the running, but a step down: For less heavyweight skiers, the Gotama. Head Supermojo, and don't count out the stiffer repackaged Pocket Rocket 1080 Gun. IMO the Mantra is a contender in this category, but not powder specific.
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