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typical newbie question

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age: 54

years skiing: 48

skiing level: 'expert'.........(finally got short skis and caught on to 2-footed carving a couple of years ago)

skiing style: short radius, complete turns.....quasi slalom snowboard-like

present skis: fischer wc sc 160 (my current favorites); dynastar omecarve 10 165 (feel dead); volant ti-power carve 183 (w/fritschi diamir, skins, etc)(haven't used for many years)

weight: 170

height: 5'11"

days per year still skied: 40
where i learned to ski: whistler
where i ski now: mostly sugarloaf, me.....with occasional western trips


now for the tnq (typical newbie question):

thanks to so many glowing reviews, i have been getting quite hungry for a pr. of atomic b5's. i don't like to ski fast anymore- in fact i prefer keeping my speed below 30mph. so what length does anyone think i should get? (once again - i really love to make many many tight turns.....but i'm afraid if i go to a 152 i'll find them just too crazy short. i also would like to retain some of the powder float that the b5's are supposed to give)

(atomic sizing puts me somewhere b/w a 162 and a 152)

ps.........i always demo 1st, but i'm afraid if i don't buy one of these things now, stock will dry up.
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If you are strong skier B5 of but M11 have softer flex. I'm 63 instructor , l92lbs and use l62cm as my quick around, ski everything ski. At Silver Mt Idaho you can litterally jump off any packed run into the powder and thry're very versatile. 162 should suit you fine. I was going to get 170 but the one's I borrowed were 162 and liked in all terrain. Contrary to some of the stuff on epic you can go fast if you want you just can't do speed in a straight line with a flat ski-put slightly on edge and they'll go plenty fassst. Good luck - have a great winter - Going Fri Yea!!!!
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thanks pr

yeah.......i'll have to hold my horses and do the demo thing. maybe i'd prefer an m11? maybe something other than atomic?

when i do demo, i'll demo lots and post what i think

and have a great season yourself
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stelmark, I'd recommend the 162s, as well. Given what you've said, you'll love 'em. You'll probably like the M:11, too, but I thought that they didn't have quite the snap of the b5.

Lots out there to demo. I'll be trying the new ones this Saturday and next and will post my reviews, as well.
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