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Need to add new performance ski to my collection...

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Its the end of the season and i am hoping to jump on some off season ski deals. I want to add a new ski to my collection, preferably something that i will use 70% carving and 30% in the bumps/trees/powder. I currently own the following skis:

'00 Volkl P40 F1 (183)
'01 Volkl P40 SL (163)
'99 Dynastar Speed SX (178)

and i am considering buying the following skis

'04 Atomic SX 9 (170)
'04 Rossignol 9x Overdrive (174)
'04 Head i XRC (172)
'04 Stockli Laser SC (178)
'04 Fischer RX8 (170)
'03 Dynastar Skicross 9 [or] 10 (178)

I race so i tend to save my Volkls for training and racing only. My Dynastars are terrible on ice... but i only use them to bang around on (my rock skis). My new ski i would like to cross that brige between my race skis and my rock skis... something i can take out on any condition in any weather and rip up the slopes. They need to hold well on ice and be stable at speed, though be able to ski the occasional bumps without permanently bending (my fear of taking my volkls out to play). I suspect that the Stockli's would be a bad pick since they have a lot of metal in them. About a month ago, I rented a pair of Volkl G3's in Aspen and didn't like them. I suppose it was because they were too small (170). So i guess if i find a pair in 177 without those cheap M1000 bindings, i might shoot for them.

I have already read all the reviews from the magazines, but i think that those tests are worthless... my opinion--scrap the poetry and give me the low down tech talk. It's too late to demo, so i am looking for people who can COMPARE their experiences on mulitple skis in my list. I am not so much interested in comments like... "great ski, i love it" without any comparison to something i have skied or am considering.

Oh... I am 6'-170lb and am very aggressive... so i need a ski that won't squirm on me when i hammer 'em. I find forgiving ski's to be boring, mainly why im not too fond of my Dynastar SX's. (Also a reason why i am concerned that i won't like the Skicross's.)

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Oh, i forgot to add the Volkl 724 Pro... though its kind of a misfit since its the rest i am considering are based on race models. Can it carve comparable to the others, or atleast better then my Speed SX's?
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The SX9 is a good all around ski, decent on ice, not to bad in bumps, but for really agressive skiers the SX11 might be better, but will be tougher in the bumps. The Head iXRC I really liked, very stable, great on hard snow, unbelievable grip on ice, a bit more work in crud and bumps, but thats to be expected for a ski in that category. Tried the Fischer RX8's but couldn't judge them because the tune was so bad. Tried this years version of the Dynastar Skicross 10, but wasn't impressed with it. Not as stable as previous years, not as good on ice. But to be fair, the ones I skied were 170's, and at 205 lbs, that's probably too short. Should have gone with a 178. I think the other ones I tried from a few seasons ago were 186's. If I had to choose, I'd pick the Heads first, then the Atomics.
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[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] on the RX8s, edging out the Rossis (by a narrow margin, for direct response) and Stocklis (by a wider margin, for response and versatility) in my book. Of course, I've long been guilty of overstocking the GS end of the quiver. Hate the Atomic SX series, haven't tried the Heads, the Dynastar 9s too damp for my taste.

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thanks for the input Mac.

May as well add the Stockli Spirit Pro too... it sounds pretty good.

Anyone hear about these skis bending?
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Be cool and Rock the Atomics!
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I would also suggest Head ic200's. I skied the sx:11, Pilot 10, volkl 6*, 5*. The Heads are silky smooth in comparison with better edge grip.
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Ok, i think that I may go with the best deal that i can get on either the Atomic SX11, Volkl 724 Pro, or the Head iXRC.

I am not too fond of Atomic's bindings, but i guess if the deal is good, i'll go for them. Any recommendations on length for the SX11? Are the 180's too much of a long-turn ski? Also, are the 170's unstable at speed?
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If you're 170# and a very agressive skier, you're gonna be able to make short radius turns on the 180 without any problems. I've skied both the 170 and the 180 in icy conditions out west, and I think that 176 would be perfect length for me, however the 180 did it all without any complaint whatsoever. The 170's on the other hand were a little tighter but were not so willing or stable when you opened up and let them rip. I'm 6' 160 and also an agressive skier (although probably with less of a racers style) and I felt the 180's were the ticket overall.
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thanks juulz85. Just curious... did you find the SX11 to be heavy at 180?
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I found the SX11 in a 180 to be a pretty beefy ski. A friend of mine who races regularly skis it in a 180 and uses it for freeskiing when he's not racing, but he's a 200 pounder. Another younger guy that I was skiing with this weekend who is also in a racing program and is about your size also uses them for his off day skis and skis them in a 170, and he really rips on them. I'm 205 lbs, and I've skied both the 180 and 170. I thought the 180 was a lot of ski. I tried the 170 and thought that there wasn't a lot of dropoff in stability. However, I'm not a racer, either, so it's hard to say. I just think that a guy of your weight is going to be a lot happier on a 170, especially if you plan on using it as an all mountain everyday ski. If you find that the 170 isn't enough ski for you, than you probably belong on a pair of real race boards anyway.
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I am 74kgs heavy and 180cm tall and ski the SX11 at 170 in everything. Steep pow bumps on Grouse, breakable crust at Grand Montet, tight steep at JH and marble, ice and sheep poo downunder. I like hookin down steep and variable terrain with "interesting" snow pack and cruising fairly fast on the groomers hunting for terrain changes to play with.

The SX11 does it for me as an all round quiver of one travelling ski.
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thanks guys, i think i will go with the SX11 in 170s. Ebay seems to have some really reasonable deals, so i will just have to jump on one. Now the only painful thing is a long summer wait.
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