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Volkl 724 EXS or EXP

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Hey folks, still looking for a good ski for a tall (6'4") and big (220lbs) intermediate (level 6-7) skier. Like to cruise the groomed slopes on the East Coast but relocating to CO in the summer and would like a ski that can handle both with ease. What are thoughts on the Volkl 724 EXS or EXP ski in the 177cm size? Also, checking out the Unlimited AC2 and the S2 unlimited in the Volkl series. Thoughts, suggestions? Thanks!!
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I think the improvements in the AC series are worth considering. At your size, don't overlook the AC4. You are going to need the wider ski in softer western conditions. If you need higher performance in your skis or intend to progress in your skills, I would not get the S2 at this point.
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Thanks for the info. I am thinking I will be more comfortable with the AC3 as I think the AC4 might be too much ski for me. I am also looking at the Nordica Hot Rod series, it looks like a sweet set, trying to stay at a width of around 72-75mm. Anybody have thoughts on the Nordicas? Thanks.
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I weigh the same, same height and same level. Delete East Coast and insert Australia. Delet CO and insert all of next year in BC. I was after some skis that would work well in BC but do well in Oz also. I ended up buying some Head Monster im77 chips from dawgcatching. great price. Hopefully they will be waiting for me in Canada when I arrive in 3 weeks time.
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