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Fischer SC worldcup

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What has chaged from 03' till now in this ski ** urgent ** im looking to buy
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The '03-'04 had a 10M radius @ 160cm, the '04-'05 version was something like 14M, and now we're somewhere in between. Great ski in any of its variations. I currently ski the '03-'04.
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The 04-05 I bought has a sidecut of 118-66-99 for a 13 m radius in 165cm, same as now. I think the 03 had a bigger sidecut 123-66-102. From what I hear, even with the bigger sidecut the 03 is still good for big turns up to 40 mph (and it rocks short turns), just hear-say though.
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Came back to sking last year and skied a 5*, sold them and bought used fischer rx8 for this year. I am starting to look at used race skis as an even better way to go. What can the 5* or rx8 do that a race ski couldn't? Skied 203 volkl p20 sl for 5 years before taking a break so it wouldn't be new. Any thoughts???
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An RX8 can ski at 10 mph without feeling like a 2x4 as well as turn at 50 mph, and it will fit in your trunk, not to mention make quick short-radius turns almost as well as a slalom race ski. An RX8 is easy to control and dial in the exact turn you want - very little skill required compared to using an old slalom race ski.
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The '03/'04 version of the WC SC has a tighter mathematical turn radius than last season's model due to having greater sidecut, but it still handles speed very well and is comfortable in big radius turns. It also is wide enough to work quite well in powder, however if you find yourself in heavy crud or heavy wet or windblown snow the fatter tip may make the ski a bit trickier than last year's model. On groomed snow and hardpack you would not notice this.

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scottys, you'll be good with the RX8. It's more ski than the 5*, and less demanding than a full-on race ski. If you are an exceptionally strong skier, then the WC SC would be a good choice (it was raved about here during the 03/04 season).
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btw, JimL has a post in the swap forum for a pair of 03/04 WC SCs. That's a deal (and I know Jim keeps the skis in great shape!).
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thats y i asked im getting them off him has he sold already not going to gip me?
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i can get you a used pair of 03/04's from a customer that are in excellent condition if Jim's are gone.
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Jim's a very trustworthy guy. As is Rusty. You'll be able to get them.
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Are they really going to ba as good after 2 years?
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