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Any ski areas b/w Seattle and Mt Baker?

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I'm getting into Seattle around noon tomorrow and wondered if there were any resorts open (if they exist) within an hour of the airport and on the way to Baker? I'd love to catch a few runs if possible. I would be interested even if they were slightly off the beaten path to Baker.

Also, any suggestions for restaraunts and bars in Bellingham? Since I'll be there on a Friday and Saturday night I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks for any information you might have.
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All the ski areas around Seattle are well out of your way. Considering Seattle traffic your best bet is to get a car and get out of the Seattle area before rush hour traffic hits.
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Your two candidates would be Summit At Snoqualmie/Alpental and Stevens Pass. Use the search function to find info on both - here and at TGR Use maps to check out their respective locations.

Snoqualmie is about 45+ min each way out of your way and about an hour from the airport. Easy drive - just pick up I90 off of I405. Low elevation. Usually worst snow in the area. Most folks consider Alpental the only area there worth hitting.

Stevens Pass. It'd be an hour or hour and a half out of your way (each way). One pass to the North. Call it two hours from the airport... Two lane highway... Most of the front side is supposed to be open tomorrow. However, forecast is for rain tonight and tomorrow AM & then switching to snow tomorrow afternoon. So it could go either way. If the temps and precip play out right, it could be fun. Find pics, etc - it is actually quite a place for a "day use area".

I'd suggest checking conditions when you get in (snag some form of web access at SeaTac) & make it a last minute decision. If things are really wet, just go drink beer closer to Baker... In addition to the ski area sites, WA DOT has good weather info http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes/ As for Stevens, another good way to check on things is http://www.atmos.washington.edu/maciver/roadview/sr2/ The areas to the right and left of the road are parts of the lower parking lots. The ski area is just to the right.
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Oh yeah - lifts will be closing at 4:00, so you likely would not have tons of time. Later in the season, both areas have incredibly extensive night skiing...
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Snoqualmie Pass and Alpental are not open yet. No real choice there.

Take the advice about going north ASAP. The traffic can be awful and the airport is south of town, so you have to run the gauntlet. Once you're north of Marysville you can relax a little.
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Definitely take the advice, get out of the airport and head directly to Bellingham. You could see the travel times triple during rush hour.

You're staying in Bellignham, right? Some folks here live there, and should be able to give you some good dirt on chow and drink.

Since the weather tonight and tomorrow is goofy (e.g., the temps are higher at higher elevations right now), rest up for Friday. Also, Baker is off the grid, which means no land phones and no cash machines on the mountain.

Have fun!
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