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Burton jackets

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Just went down to this new Burton Store on my lunchbreak. I want a new jacket so bad this season, & I got real interested in some of those nice boarding thingies. Does anyone have any thoughts on boarding clothes for skiers? Do any ladies out there love the jacket they have & want to tell me why? Any input appreciated.
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If it keeps you warm, wear it. Then again, you'd addressing an audience mostly made up of males, so you know that fashion is the furthest thing from our minds when picking out ski clothes. I wouldn't drop the coin on Burton gear through. Why spend twice as much for something that works no better or worse than something considerably cheaper? Unless being trendy is that important to you.
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Yeah, I figured I just needed someone to tell me to get over it. And now you have. Too much money for stupid reasons, too much money for stupid reasons...I do still want advice, though.
And not everyone is a guy; even though it's pretty dude-centric in this place, it's not oppressively so.
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Clif Notes version: Highly regarded brands=Patagonia, Cloudveil, Arc-Teryx, ... then Marmot, Mountain Hardware, Outdoor Research, Sierra Designs. Then you have TNF, Helly Hansen, Spyder, Columbia ... I'm still trying to figure out where these guys fall in that food chain: 66° North Iceland and Millet.

Good places to buy: Sierra Trading Post (usually good prices), REI (good return policy), CampMor (in NJ), and sometimes realcheapsports.com. Also, REI's website will have some women-specific ski brands of jackets and pants (Betty something is one).

Look at www.trailspace.com for user reviews. And search on here for those brands, and specific jacket names, lots of recent stuff posted.

If it matters, dudes dig chicks in high-end ski wear.
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Whoa Daisy, hold up! I'm female and I ski in Burton clothes. I've always been very happy with them. They hold their waterproofing for a long time and I haven't had them fall apart. I ski in boarding clothes (especially pants) more often than ski pants, for a few reasons. The main thing is that boarding pants usually have a lot more pockets/storage space than ski pants. I don't know about you, I don't care for carrying a backpack but I always seem to have a bunch of crap to carry with me when I ski. Like a camera, an extra barrette, IDs, keys, lip balm etc. And yes, I do like the look too. I'm most comfortable in baggier pants and a less bulky jacket, like an Arc'teryx or a Marmot....feels good and looks cute too! I just bought these pants:

http://www.burton.com/gear/products.asp?productID=304&shortMaterialNumber=B64 01204

and I don't think $129 is too bad....do you?
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I have a couple of Burton items and they all seem to be of decent quality for there price point.

Last year at the X games I spoke with the head of Burtons soft goods, he had some really nice stuff. It's a little baggy for me, but it you like it, go for it.
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Re: I'm most comfortable in baggier pants and a less bulky jacket, like an Arc'teryx or a Marmot....feels good and looks cute too!

Thanks skichick70, that's a much more pleasant reply ...I've had a Marmot jacket for the last few years, and kept finding that in deep snow it wasn't keeping me as waterproof as I wanted it to, kinda like the powder skirt was a bit shabby...but then again maybe I just had the wrong one. $129 certainly isn't too much for a pair of pants at all, in my opinion btw, but all the new jackets are a leedle bit pricier than that. My mind boggles, actually. Ok, more research to do! But as I say, cheers, girl.
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Burton makes great snow gear. In their catalog they go into great detail about their taped seams and what not... I've never had a problem with their clothes. I think their prices are definitely comparable to most popular ski brands... on top of that, their clothes are much cuter. If you're going to spend a couple hundred bucks on a jacket it might as well be functional and cute. Then again I am a 21 year old college girl who just skis recreationally. If you want feedback on particular products the burton website has a message board strictly for that kind of stuff.
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I have a burton shell that I really like. It seems to be made of decent quality, and is well designed. For example: I can access my MP3 player in the inside pocket without having to unzip my coat. There is a velcro flap that lets you get at it. Really clever!
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Burton has top-notch customer service as far as warranty issues, returns and repairs are concerned. The only company better (that I have first hand knowledge of) is The North Face. Girls look much better, IMO, in Burton's stuff though!
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Female speaking here: .. I want to be comfortable and warm and dry. Most women specific ski jackets are cut on the skimpy side; they are tight thru the shoulders, short waisted so your bum is hanging in the wind, 90% don’t have powder skirts, and none that I have seen have spaces to stash your FRS, tunes, what have you. Unless you intend to pay upwards of $500 for your jacket, you won’t get the latest tech advances in water-proofing, weight reduction, moisture control, or climate control. Out of my several jackets, only one is female specific and I bought that in the next size up and paid thru the nose.

My Advice? Go with good [mid priced or better] snowboarder gear or men’s ski gear and stick with the top brands. You will get all of the bells and whistles at one half the price.
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