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Last Minute East registration??

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I am thinking about coming to the Stowe event but will not know if I can attend for several weeks. I could not find a registration deadline for the event. If there is room will you take last minute registration? Is the Stoweflake skiin/skiout lodge? Are all the events/dinners etc held at the lodge? I have been lurking and posting on here for a while and am really hoping I can attend to improve my skiing and meet and ski with some of you.
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I don't know the answer to most of your questions, but the Stoweflake is not ski in / ski out, but then again, nothing at Stowe is. It's a couple miles (i.e., four or five) to the mountain from the Stoweflake. If I recall, the Stoweflake is about halfway between the "real" town of Stowe (i.e., where the famous church is) and the mountain itself.
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powderhound, if there's rooom, yes, we'll take a last minute registration.
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There's still room, folks. Don't miss out on this opportunity to start the season with all the advantages--great coaching, great mountain, boot alignment, video, social progressions, meals and five star accommodations at a value price.

Wear The Fox Hat will pour (what's that nasty brew you're bringing, Fox?).
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What? Jagermeister?
Yes, a bottle may just turn up at the event...
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