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Fischer RX 6 or 8?

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I have the opportunity to get either RX6 or RX8 skis - new left overs from 2004/5 season. I currently have RX4's and like them but I am ready to step up. I am currently an intermediate skier, admittedly at the lower end of the intermediate scale. I have no desire to race or be the first one down the mountain. I like to carve and play with the terrain, enjoying the dips and undulations of the hill. My #1 goal is to have fun and show for work on monday. The price is not an isue. This guy owes me big and either will be a bargain. Realistically, the RX 6 is what I should get, but due to the $$, should I over-buy and get the RX8 or will I be working to hard to control the ski and get dumped on my a** for poor skills or getting tired, or will the ski forgive me enough to enjoy it?

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I have never skied either of these skis, and the easy answer is the 6 based on the description of your skiing. Every review you read regarding the 8 is superb. I don't think there is a ski that gets as high and consistent reviews as the 8. Based on this , it would be very hard to pass a great deal on a truly great ski.
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Either would be fine, but I'm confused. According to this post you already bought the RX 6 in December.
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The RX6's were stolen first weekend we went skiing. Went back to the store, the Giant Stadium sale was over) and they were out of 6's. They had RX4's still, so they were kind enough to throw me a bone - I took the 4's. Now that my skills have improved, do I get the 6's or the 8's?

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I ski the RX-8 and think it's a fairly forgiving ski. The 6 will be slighly easier to flex, but not that much different overall.
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I went directly from Atomic SX7s up to Fischer RX8s. This was after using the Atomics as a ski to get back into the sport after learning 3 years previously in Virginia (and not skiing at all in the mean time). I definitely have picked up the sport as some what of a natural, and I am only 24 and pretty athletic (and somewhat insane), but I found the transition to not be particularly difficult.

The RX8s are just an amazing ski in my opinion that they can be skied fast or slow, and can really make an assortment of turns despite their ability to be a hyper carver if you want them to. What I would say is that if you are happy to take some lessons to work on your technique and would like to really take your skiing up a notch this season, you could handle the 8s. Otherwise, the 6s would probably be just fine for you (but, may leave you wanting something a bit beefier in a season or two).

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How fast to you ski? The skis are very similiar: I find the biggest difference to be speed limit. I can find it pretty easily on the RX6, but the RX8 definitely wants to go faster with less chatter. OTOH, the RX6 turns so easily at slow speed: it would be an ideal teaching/instructing ski, especially for slow-speed maneuvers. If you are motoring alot pretty fast, faster than 90% of the people on the hill, get the RX8. Otherwise, the RX6 won't let you down!
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If you know enough to tip the ski to turn, then get the 8. The 8 will go anywhere; the 6 might let you down. Your not going to give up skiing; your onto your second pair of skis. So what if you learn a few lessons from them; it's not like you won't learn to love them.
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The dawg, as usual, is right on. But, for the same price, I would recommend the 8, simply because it will leave you more room to grow (in my opinion). Either are great skis, though, and you'll love 'em!
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Where do you ski. If you encounter a lot of ice, the RX8 will provide better edgehold. I think I would really be tempted to go with the 8 and "grow into it". I have skied the 8 and did not find it unforgiving.
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Originally Posted by ssh
The dawg, as usual, is right on. But, for the same price, I would recommend the 8, simply because it will leave you more room to grow (in my opinion). Either are great skis, though, and you'll love 'em!
I agree with ssh. FWIW, I sell alot more RX6's to walk-in customers (usually intermediates who don't ski that much and want an easy, fun. and performance-oriented ski) and alot more RX8's to Bears (who are typically more skilled and on the hill regularly, and take performance more seriously).
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I ski Butternut, Catamount, and Belleayre mostly with a few other NE trips here and there. I am lucky to get 12-15 days in per year - snow dependant. From what Dawgcatching says and describes, the RX6 (my original ski) is the "best fit", but I am going to see if I can demo both prior to pulling the trigger. If not, I don't know, it will depend on the amount of testosterone that day....Z28 or corvette?

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Scott K, I think you fit closer to dawg's "Bear" description than his "walk-in" one. At 12-15 days, I think you're improving every year, and the RX8 is going to help with that (reward good technique, give you solid feedback [but not a fall] when you err). What do you think, dawg? I'd go with the 8.

(BTW, I skied the Catskills for a few years, too, so am familiar with the conditions...)
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The RX8 is a totally fun ski. I use the 165, I'm 5'9 and 195lbs. It loves to turn, it's stable when you get going, but is awesome going slow and not hard to ski at all.

I'm probably a better skier than you, but I would not be afraid of that ski - it's one of the best skis around. Go for it.

And keep it short. 165 is a great length.
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I love my 165 cm RX8 skis. They have a tenacious grip and are a lot of fun at speed. They are still forgiving, but probably less so than the RX6. I would like to try the RX9 sometime since it looks even more versatile.

I once demoed the RX6 and thought they were too soft for my tastes. I would recommend demoing them all to see what feels like the best fit for you.
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Buy the RX6, that way next year you can come back and buy the RX8 at full price!
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The Rx 8 is indeed a great ski but I think a lot of you guys are underestimating the Rx 6. The 6 sounds like a better match and it will still give you room to grow. It will be less demanding and since, I'm guessing, that you don't ski faster than 90% of the people on the mountain, should give you lots of performance.
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Yeah, definitely don't underestimate the RX6. It is a really nice ski, and it is stable and smooth until, what, 25mph? Probably also a better choice if you like bumps, due to the slightly softer flex and slightly narrower tip. I felt that is was very maneuverable in bumps, while the RX8 tended to get away from me if I made a mistake. Then again, I am not much of a bump skier. I used to ski the Sceneo 500 and it was the same situation with that ski!
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Right on Dawgy!
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how are u doing i have a pair of fischer rx6 and i would like to know how much do you think i should sell them for

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Originally Posted by ray86crespo View Post

how are u doing i have a pair of fischer rx6 and i would like to know how much do you think i should sell them for


Whatever you can get for them, the market for 8 - 9 year old intermediate skis is, ah, very soft. 

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