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discounted lift tickets

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If you go to Mobil or Exxon 3 times and get a minimum of 8 gallons each time you can get a $15.00 lift ticket discount at seferal NE resorts/mountains.

The link is www.mobilski3.com

-Scott K.
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Good thread Scott K. Here's a few more deals on tickets.


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That is actually a pretty good deal, we all need gas AND lift tickets.

Not to hijack but I went to the Seattle snow expo and they tout that you will get a free lift ticket. So when I get there, you spin this wheel to see which resort you get the ticket to. So I spin, it lands on 49 degrees (some Eastern Washingtonians, and I am sure others too, know it). The dang "resort" is on the other side of the state and, in my opinion, I would rather ski in my buddy's backyard. Then I look at the actual voucher and notice that it is only valid from like Jan to Feb. What a rip. I dont think I will be planning any trips around that thing.
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