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Cheapest Mammoth Package

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My trip to LA looks more like mid December time frame. Last year I stayed at the Mammoth Mountain Inn for two night and a 2 lift tickest as a single for like $220. It was the first week of November . Checking this out on the website for December it comes up $446 as the lowest rate.

Looks like the Motel 6 might have to do. Can discount lift tickets be purchased off the mountain somewhere? I really liked staying at the Inn. Very convenient to say the least.
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the only discounts I'm familiar with are multi-day, midweek, etc which I'm sure you are familiar with and are shown on the website. Watch the MM forum, which is linked on the websight, for local inside info.
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If you are going before 12-16-2005, I can send you a coupon for $37 midweek lift tickets.
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That's awful kind of you. I need to get my appt nail down in LA, but the prospects of a meeting the earlier part of the week of the 12th appear pretty good right now and being able to grab 2 days at the end of the week. My first time there was last Nov. right after the late Oct dumps. The night I got there it snowed another foot. First turns of the year on new Metrons in powder.
I had never been there before and coming in at night , I was the only guy on the access road going up to the Inn. It was snowing sideways, no tracks, and worse no lights along the road, I was very relieved when I got to the end of the road and there sat the Mammoth Mtn Inn. This year I will be breaking in my Volant FB's. If it snows again I'm living right!
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