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ski advice sought.

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100kgs - 220lbs
level 6-7
male 40yo fit
good technical skills on piste
preference now is for off-piste so developing skills in that area.
Will be skiing in BC Canada- various locations -mt washington will be local hill
heave never skiied powder but keen to learn.
Love steeps.
Would like skis that are versatile enough for back in Oz i.e. east and west.
Have demoed Volkl Allstars, Stockli Stormriders, Legend 800. liked em all.
Currently own Rossi T-Power Vipers (might as well be skiing on beach towels)

Currently looking at
Head Monster iM77chip - top of list at moment
Volkl AC3 - looks great on paper for versatility (east/west)
Elan Magfire 10 - ditto but would it be too light.

Any thoughts on these skis based on my description would be appreciated.
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craigr, you're going to want to go fatter, I think. Dynastar 8000s or 8800s, Volkl AC4, Atomic M:EX, Elan 666/777, and so on. Oz and BC are so different... These should all be able to handle both, but are all tipped towards BC.
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05/06 rossi b3
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