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WTB: Head ixrc 1100 (1200) SW

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Hi, I'm looking for a pair of this years or last years xrc sandwich in 177 cm. Can included binding or be flat. Anyone looking to sell a pair?
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Back country has the 1100 sw but not a fantastic price
The 1100 Sw has been on Ebay a lot recently with items ending with very few or any bids at all. Good for us who want them! Hard to believe because this is truly a great ski that seems to have stayed below the radar.
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I saw those on backcountry but figured maybe a bear had a set they'd like to sell. If anyone does or even thinks that they might, pm me.
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Check with dawgcatching

He deals with Head and Elan skis.
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I have a new in the plastic 2004 iXRC available in a 180cm. Its a Full-metal-jacket & Chip ski, not the same...

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I have the 1100sw.

Absolutely no way would I sell them...

But yeah, try contacting Dawgcatching.
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Hello Fox ! Still posting on Epic then I am glad to see.

I don't know what happened on Snowheads. The offending threads were not ones that interested me.

You will be sorely missed over there. I hope you return eventually.

There are even more threads here on Epic that I do not read because they relate to American sports or US resorts/subjects that I am not familiar with.

What Snowheads needs is an 'ignore' list, so that you could bypass posts from people you do not get on with.
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XRC sleeper

Something to consider. the 03/04 XRC (the only model they had that year) was a realy sleeper ski, as good (maybe even better) than the 04/05 XRC SW.

Peter Keelty rated it his carver Ski of the Year that year, and has used it as his primary hard snow ski since. Frequently show up for less than $200 here and there because no one knows about them (ski them a little longer than current norms).
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The main reason i'm considering the 04's and newer is because I'd like to use them to do a few races on tight GS courses. Is the 03 around the same in terms of flex as the newer ones?
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Yes, PM me. I can get you a great price on the 177's, and they will be 2006's as well! (not that it matters, unless you care about the graphics). I sold out of the 2005's. And yes, it is a superb ski. Probably the best real-GS like hard snow ski out there. Feels the same as my i-GS RD's!
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bump... no one has a pair of last years they'd like to sell. Willing to pay a good price. I see that bling skier listed some a while back that never sold, but he hasn't checked his pm in a while. Found a few possibilities, but still looking....

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