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Questions about atomic race boards

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I’m not really familiar with Atomic stuff since it seems nobody carries the race skis around here for some reason so I figured that I’d ask a few questions here (isn’t there someone named Atomicman around here?).

I usually ski the French stuff (Rossi, Dynastar, Salomon) and I’m familiar with them. This year I have to change boards, both in sl and gs, hence my post in the swap forum, but I haven’t been able to locate anything local that isn’t too pricey for my blood (600$ for used ’04 skis isn’t a good deal no matter how many coats of wax have supposedly been put on the bases...).

Fastfoward to yesterday. A friend of mine, when he heard that I needed skis bad (camp starts in three weeks and I haven’t waxed or prepped anything!!!!!!), introduced me to a guy he knows that is selling a bunch of Atomic race stock from 05 and 04, both in sl and gs, for very good prices. Maybe a little too good, so I have to ask, how to you tell the race stock versions from the retail one while dealing with Atomic? Rossis and Dynastar have sticker/stamps and are full vertical sidewall, these skis have cap construction and are not identified with stickers or anything. The plate is black and the bindings are 10-18 with the funky " slide until you get your sole size " construction (no redrilling). I’m a bit wary since I’ve heard not so flattering things about the on-course performance the shelf version of these skis... Anyway, now to my next question. I’m not a big guy by any stretch of the imagination (5’6 , 140 lbs) but I’m very agressive and I don’t let ski boss me around. Problem is, the guy is a tall dude and he only has the gs in 190-191 lengths. He assures me that I would be able to ski them, but seeing that I’ve yet to ski a gs board longer than 185, I’m not very sure... I don’t want to be stuck with something unskiable on the course, but, at the same time, the price is damn right... damn right (I could for the first time afford having training boards... ughhhh).

The stress is killing me and my last chance to buy semi-okay sleds is this weekend and I don’t know if there’ll be anything at my local swap meet!

PS: I know that the skis won't feel like the Rossis at all, but I've always longed for something with a bit more bite. Also, beggars can't be choosers
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jeffr, I'll post here in the hopes of getting you some help. There are a couple of folks here who should be able to tell you, including Betaracer, Atomicman, and logruve. If you don't hear from them, a PM may be in order. I'm sorry I can't answer your question directly...
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Most if not all Atomic race skis are marked with flex numbers on the front of the plate. The black block shaped World Cup plate mounted on a 191 is not for lightweights or the faint of heart. My old roommate had a pair and I find it difficult to imagine somebody at 140 lbs using that ski effectively regardless of how aggressive they are.

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Thanks for the answer guys. I don't remember seeing a flex pattern, but the plate is black, so I guess he is right in that it's race stock.

And as for the gs boards, that's what I pretty much tought. If they were retail, I'd have no worry about my ability to ski them, but since they're the real stuff, I guess I have some eating to do before I can tame them

Might just buy them for the trip of having something super-g esque tough...
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