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Hi Everyone,

I own a pair of Tecnica Icon X boots. I got them in the fall of 1999, so they are on their third season this year. But after skiing about two or three days this year, my second buckle (from the bottom) completely broke in two. The Aluminum broke right in half. In recent memory I've owned two pairs of Lange X09s, and then these Tecnicas. I've been hard on my buckles, and when my Langes were decomissioned, the buckles had no spring left to them and were pretty beat up, but not broken.

Since I still had all season to ski on my Tecnicas, and I hadn't planned on getting new boots ti'll next year, I decided to give Marker Canada a shout and see what they could do. After emailing them once, and sending them a picture via email, they didn't even hesitate to ask for my address so they could ship my new buckle right away. I told them how old the boots were, and I also told them that I had raced in the boots, but still, without question, my new buckle is getting sent out today, and should arrive at my door tommorrow!!

That's what I call standing behind your products. I'm very happy with their service, and their willingness to help out a customer who now will probably buy their products again! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Just thought I'd share my positive experience..