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Salomon Ellipse 9.0

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Hi everyone
Would love to read any reviews or comments anyone has on these boots
Greatly appreciated
Regards chipi
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Any particular reason?

I have a pair but can't tell you much about them. I suppose they are a bit different in that they have 3 rather than 4 buckles, but not sure of the benefit of this. They hurt me a lot when I first got them, but have had them punched out a few times and don't really hurt now (especially as I've improved my skiing since I got them as well). Don't really know what else to say.

Boots are boots aren't they?
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Hi Conor
No particular reason as such, other than to gauge pros / con before buying.
Have tried various models of approx same specs and they do feel the most comfortable.
Thanks for yr reply
Regards Chipi
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if they fit then they are a med fit and med felx salomon

if they dont fit you dont buy
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