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This is killing me

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We've had a couple weeks of unsettled weather here in Tahoe; cloudy, windy, but little precip. Almost nothing so far, predicted 6-12" above 7000 feet last night, nothing at my house at 7300" this morning.

Guess I'm heading down to Mammoth on Thursday.
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What's even worse. Enough Snow and they are not open. Bastards.:

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Originally Posted by ski_rick
Guess I'm heading down to Mammoth on Thursday.
Boreal was planning on opening later this week based on the anticipated storm : To hell with it. I'm going to Disney World. Honest
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are you taking your mountain bike to mammoth?
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hmmmm. mammoth claims they have a 12-18in base. for your sake ski-rick i hope they get more thsi week - but the weather seems to be warming up for the next 10 days.
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go to Mt. rose. **** mammoth they are only opening 1 run and 1 lift.
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Well this year there is no El Nina stealing our snow into Calif., Mt Baker, Steven Pass and Crystal Mt all open in Washington, Northern Idaho has Lookout (small ) open and 49 degrees No (Med) SAchweitzer (large-med) and Silver Mt all opening 24th. You can fly into Spokane direct from Reno and be to any of ghe Idaho resorts in a max of 1 ande 1/2 hours.Wash. areas look at the map. Hey I had to go to Tahoe and Mammoth last year. Wash areas very similar snow to Tahoe, Idaho snow lighter and drier. Hope you don't have to wait tooooooo long. Going powder skiing Fri - thats 3 days.
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