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Volkl 5 or 6 star?

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All, I had previously posted asking for info on a pair of Rossi's I was looking at buying to chase my kids around our local hill here in WI. As a new member(joined yesterday) I have spent the better part of two days reading reviews, and I seem to see lots of positive stuff about the Volkls.

I am a heavier(255lbs, former college fullback), hard charger. Skiing for 30 of my 33 yrs. Take usually two trips a year out west. Once to Vail(my fav) for sure. I like to ski everything from bumps and crud, to hard fast groomers(springtime in the morning! when it is more ice than snow).

As I mentioned above, these ski's will mainly be for the midwest area, but I may take take them along out west. As well as try them in the UP(Mt. Bohemia). My questions are these:

1. how will these ski's perform for a bigger guy, and

2. I usually demo outwest to try different setups. If I were to take them with me, would they be serviceable at a place like Vail?

any help is appreciated. It seems from the forums we have plenty of Volkl fans out there.
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5* or pick another ski.
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Warning!! You are about to get a visit from the many undercover thread police.
You have offended them with your starting of thread that isn't 100% unique.

Having said that. I am not offended. Sounds like you're too heavy fo rthe 5*'s. But I haven't skied em.
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not trying to offend. Lots of info on this site to digest, just trying to get my question answered as quick as possible! Sorry!
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12Cski, I'm sorry. It's just that people like yourself start a thread and everyone jumps all over ya. I have no problem with your thead what so ever. The good thing about starting a thread that has been covered before is so you can get new perspectives and maybe it's from new members like yourself. Welcome.
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no worries.
any opinion on the Rossi RPM 21's? Have heard good things, and again the real purpose for the skis is to chase the kids around locally.
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First, the 6* is a discontinued model although you might still be able to find one somewhere. Second, the 6* can be a bit of a handful for some skiers. With your weight, it won't be a problem to get it flexed. The problem might be whether or not you are ready for it when it unflexes.

The 5* is a sweet, easy going ski that does good things in packed conditions and can handle some shallow powder or crud too. It is however, possibly not the best choice for your weight.

I'd suggest the new All Star. It feels to me as if it has the same edge grip as the 6* but it is smoother and somewhat more forgiving. IMO the AS is a far more versatile tool than the 6*

This type of ski will do fine at Vail or anyplace else when you are dealing with groomed conditions or skied out off trail stuff. The only time that these groomer zoomer skis give up a little is when the snow gets deeper than 6-8" or so. I live and ski in the west and still find myself on this type of ski anytime that it hasn't snowed recently.

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I can tell ya this much. I'm kind of a big guy as well 205-215ish weight lifter. I've demoed many different brands of ski and for me there is nothing like volkls. They just have a better edge grip and are generally stiffer than most skis. I haven't tried atomic. They seem to be up to the task for beefier skiers as well. I'm on the 724 pro's now and will be buying either allstars of 6* this season.
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I am an intermediate skier and have no ego to brood so I can say for me the 6 star was way too much for me to handle and way beyond the intermediate level. As you have many more years of exerience and the ski seems to be geared towards strong and skilled skiers who like to go fast and push their limit you will probably enjoy it. I would describe it as a rocket. I rode it last year at a Demo days fair at my local hill

For me it did not skid easily and the limited carving skills I have were not enough to enjoy this model. Every time I went onto my edges I found it hard to control-the ski pretty much held a line but was too strong for me to steer. As I usually skid the end of my turn I usually ended up out of balance.

To give you an example of the edgehold of the ski. I was heading down a rather steep section of trail and tried to roll the edges but something didn't work out and instead of turning I ended up actually riding the edge in sort of a diagonal line down the hill. I couldnt get out of it and was heading for the trees so figured I would do an emergency 'crash' and slowly fall to the side and slide to a stop. The weird thing is I could not fall down and the more I leaned the more the edges dug in and the ski just kept rocketing down the hill. After a second or two and leaning over to try to slide down something caught and I ended up literally almost horizontal to the incline of the slope. I just kept going and the ski just kept turning tighter and tighter. It felt like my legs would explode from the pressure. I hit a bump and spun around and ended up in a heap with both skis flying sideways.

A guy came up to me and said "Dude, that was awesome". I told the guy I had no idea what just happened and he said it looked like an extreme carve. I somehow ended up performing this 'extreme manuevre' by just trying to fall down. I wish I could replicate that because it was an awesome sensation but I have no idea what I did and my Streetracer 8's would probably explode under that kind of pressure.
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I am 260 lbs, 6'3". I have skied for 27 years primarily in Minnesota (Lutsen, Spirit Mt, Indianhead, and Mt Bohemia). I go out West when I can. I agree with the other posts here. Very good insight on these two skis.

My first shape skis were X-Screams. They still allowed me to skid my turns on the hard pack. When I tried the 6 Star (175cm) I had the same experience as "SkierXman"--the ski would "push" me around. They felt as stiff as 2X4's. The small Midwestern hills did not seem large enough for these skis. Incidentally the Atomics I tried (SX-11, and later the B5) were even more demanding.

The 5 Star (175cm)was much more forgiving. They carved well and still allowed me to skid turn so I bought them. After skiing the 5 Stars for two seasons I have learned to roll my edges and carve at high speeds under control. Then I started to be able to overpower the shovel when I pushed them really hard. They can kick back pretty hard when they rebound too. I thought the longer length (183cm) in the 6 Star would be more stable.

I tried the 6 Star at the end of last season and loved it. The 183cm was too long. It was very stable but it turned slower. The 175cm turned like the 5 Star but it was very stable at high speeds. This was especially useful in the steep hard pack at Steamboat last season.

For a mid fat try the K2 Recon. It was just as stable and turnable as the 6 Star but floated on top instead of searching for the bottom--I liked it better than the 6 Star (and the 724 pro). For a fat ski try the Rossignol B3's (or the B4 this year). I could turn them like the 5 Star. They held an edge in packed powder or hard pack with the added benefit of riding on top of deep snow. The 5 Stars are better on ice and quicker edge to edge but the B3s are comparable and much more versatile. I bought the B3s instead of the 6 Stars and found them just as versatile back in Minnesota. One downfall, I was not able to release the edges in the soft snow in the trees at Mt Bohemia. I'm looking for a used pair of Pocket Rockets for that.
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I'm definetly not a skiing superstar, probably a level6-7 allowing for the inflated ratings that menfolk tend to give themselves, but I demoed the Volkl Allstars this year and loved them. I only weigh 220lbs. I spoke to a guy who was much smaller than me on 5stars and he was regretting not getting the Allstars after demoing. However, after trying the Dynastar Legend 800 and Stockli Stormriders i have decided that I will be getting something in the mid-fat range. Probably, head Monster im75 0r 77.

You are a big bloke so a mid-fat would be a good choice. Have you considered the Volkl Ac3. It has impressive measurents/radius.
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How about the 724 EXP?
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The EXP will be more of an all-mountain ski than the more carvy super* series. You could look at the AC* series, as well, and the AC4 may be a good choice (since you're in the UP, not down south; you get better snow).

For what you're thinking of doing, I think that the Atomic Metron:b5 may actually be your best choice, because of its strength and ability to handle hard snow, speed, crud, and pow. I'm not just saying that because I love them, either. I think they may have the best combination of beef and versatility that you're seeking.
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I bought and skied the 6 Star last year and added the Mantra to my quiver later in the year. I have also been on the 5 Star. Like some others here, I am not a small guy, and I have been skiing many years. I found the six star very versatile and skied in in everything from extremely icy moguls on Heavenly's Gunbarrel to soft hip deep powder in the trees at Sierra. It is a ski that rewards solid input and I had thought it to be fairly forgiving...until I let an intermediate friend ski them. He scared the crap out of my by promptly face-planting.

The Six star is a ski that can rail carved turns, is capable of a scarved or skidded turn with the right input, and has a very lively rebound. It tolerates a lot of speed without feeling jittery, and can make a lot of turn shapes. Where I had difficulty was actually in any low speed short radius turns. The ski is stiff enough that you actually need to be moving to get it to bend. For heavier guys, thats probably good. I think the 6 Star gives a skier a lot more feedback and shape to work with than the 724 series. The 5 Star was a more relaxed ski, but had many of the same characteristics. BTW, the 5 star was owned by a large man of your proportions, who loves the ski. More fore-body flex than six star and a little easier tail release. Identical profile, different flex and different binding system. Ski the tails of any Supersport and they will likely leave you behind. Not a good choice for backseat drivers.

For versatility, I now use the Six star in firm conditions and the Mantra in most soft conditions. That is what works best for me, and I'm sticking with it. Good luck, hope you get to try out the skis. If not, get a 175 SS 6* and hold on.
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That was an awesome story! I'm LOL right now!! How many years have you been skiing?
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SkierXman, I suspect you were riding the tail, and so only carving with the back of the ski. That tends to have you go straight instead of turn. In all likelihood, getting pressure onto the tips by standing in the middle of the ski would have cause it to carve uphill and you to stop.

It is a pretty funny story, though.

I'm just glad you didn't fall backwards, since that combination is a recipe for an ACL tear...
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Go with the 6star or the new Allstar. The 5star will be too soft for you. I had demod both the 5star and the 6star before I made my final decision to buy the 6star. You will have a lot more top end and edge grip with the 6star. FYI I am 20-25 pounds heavier than you and I ski the 6star in a 175cm.
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FWIW, I don't think the 5* will be enough ski. It wasn't for me, and I was skiing at 180lbs, FWIW.

See these two reviews for my thoughts, if you'd find them useful:

5* and 6* review, 03/04 (note that there were some binding changes in 04/05 that reportedly changed they feel)

Superspeed review, 04/05
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The 5 star will be plenty of ski for you. I dont understand why you all say it will not be enough. The ski is designed to have a wide range of versitility. I realy think you will enjoy the fun factor of the 5* all over the mountain and in all conditions.
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To be clear, I am really only looking for a ski to ski around home(WI) with the kids. I do travel out west, but then I usually like to demo the newest skis, so what I have is really immaterial, because if I have a carving ski and we get lots of snow, I will demo a fatter board. I am only thinking of getting a good value because although I will probably take the ski to the UP to ski Mt Bohemia for a few days, I don't want to spend a G for skis that will get skied over by kids, and probably pushed over while we are inside etc. You can find some really good deals on ebay(I'm an ebay junkie!)

My biggest concern is, will my weight be to much for a certain ski if I do drag it out west with me? I don't necessarily need the "perfect" ski. I am a strong enough skier that I can have fun on most anything. My last ski before the shaped ski revolution were K2 Extremes in a 207 length for goodness sake, and I skied them everywhere from bumps to crud to knee deep powder.

I really love this site an find it very informative. wish I had found it sooner.
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I found that for me, at speed, the 5* couldn't handle the torque and would wash out and chatter. I was skiing it at about 180lbs, and I ski reasonably fast. That's why I suggested that it may not be enough ski for someone who outweighs me by 40% who has been skiing since the age of 3.
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12CSki, you might want to look at an RX8 (they are unchanged other than graphics since the 03/04 season) or the RX9 (although I expect it would be difficult to find one from last year). Given your weight, you'll be looking a bit longer than average, so that may help. A 175 in an RX8 or RX9 would probably be great for you. I found teaching on the RX8s to work really well, and I taught kids exclusively.
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I agree with Steve's suggestion of the RX 8. It's definitely stiff enough to support your size and is a great ski. I'm also a former college player and at 6'4"/250 ski it in a 180cm. I could have gotten by with a 175. I have skied mine out west and it does fine until the snow gets deep, but it's fantastic on hard snow.

Another option is Fischer's Race SC which is real similar to the RX 8 only a tad stiffer. Ski Depot has then for about $275 with no binding or about $450 with bindings.
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I will take a look at those. I certainly appreciate all the input. In the past I had always been hesitant to venture outside of my comfort zone of Rossi and K2, but alot has changed over the last few years, which is why I am so full of questions.

One thing I maybe forgot to mention was that I am looking to be economical now since my dad no longer pays for my ski trips and fact, I am now my dad! I have a wife and 3 kids(2 who ski so far) to pay for, so I am more concerned with getting a good bargin on a serviceable ski that will meet most of my needs, that way I will have the $$ to take the family with me. Besides, at the end of the day my enjoyment comes more from who I am skiing with than what I am skiing on!

As Warren Miller says, "how much is a day in the sun worth when you are skiing with your children"
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12CSki, the Race SC would be a great option for you (my comparison of the RX8 and the Race SC is in the earlier of the two reviews). And, for that price, I'd jump on 'em!
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I have my 168 cm 6* on sale at eBay right now. Can testify they're great skis. Both are equally quick, both do not like backseat drivers, both reward modern style; 5* better for bumps, take it easy days; 6* require more attention, relish open ground, amazingly powerful and precise for any size turn. Depends on your typical terrain and style.
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It's starting to look like I'm plugging for this seller, but the deal on the Rossi RPM 21 is just too good to pass up, if it were for sale in Europe I would've had a pair by now. The RPM 21 is essentially a BanditXX with a plate. I skied on the same generation T-power 9x and the Bandit XX and the RPM 21 is a mix, should be a great ski. meZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

(The same seller has them with bindings for 299)

Save your money for renting (demoing) those cool really up to date ski's out west, with a better hotel thrown in!
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Just to help you out further, if you're interested in those Rossi's but want a higher din number binding: ViewItem

That's the combo I would be getting if I were in your market. (I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands).

Can't vouch for either seller by the way..
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Do you think it pays to put a lifter on a ski that already has a plate? I was looking into the Rossi lifter. DIN of either 12 or 14. Very cheap on Ebay. Not a big fan of Tyrolia.
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