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Tahoe...Getting around...where to go...

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Hi, y'all!
I'll be heading to Tahoe in mid-Feb with my club out of Princeton, NJ, staying at the Horizon Casino near Heavenly. We have one day trip planned to Squaw, and a 6-day pass to Heavenly, Squaw, Kirkwood, Northstar, Sierra and Alpine.

I heard there is some sort of shuttle service to get around. What's the deal? I'd like to hit as many different places as possible.

I'm a mid-strong intermediate, prefer blue cruzers, some steeps, not a big fan of bumps. Any places better, worse, and particular runs/lifts you'd recommend?

How about nightlife in the So.Tahoe area, besides that offered at the hotel/casino (I spend a lot of time in Vegas, so don't mind not throwing away my $$!).

I found many of you quite helpful prior to my Park City trip back in March, and I'm sure I'll be checking back here frequently over the next few months and look forward to your suggestions.

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There are just a lot of different shuttle options. Some private and some operated by the resorts. You shuold be able to find out through your hotel. I am and alwayws will be a big fan of kirkwood. They have everything you want and tend to be a little less crowded than some of the others. Kirkwood has a couple really fun steep groomed runs if that's what your into. Of course they have some awesome ungroomed runs as well...
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From so shore the local shuttles will take you to sierra at tahoe and heavenly, (Of course you can walk there from the horizon) I have never seen a shuttle to kirkwood or any of the no shore resorts, except that there will be a paddle wheeler boat going from so shore to Squaw on wed and fri I believe

http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/imp.gif?event=noiframe&client=ca-pub-0453091086042946&dt=1131480116276&format=728x90_as &output=html&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.firsttracksonlin e.com%2Fnews%2Fviewnews.cgi%3Fsearch&color_bg=CCCC CC&color_text=003366&color_link=000000&color_url=0 00099&color_border=0000FF&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fir sttracksonline.com%2Fnews%2Fviewnews.cgi%3Fsearch& u_h=768&u_w=1024&u_ah=740&u_aw=1024&u_cd=32&u_tz=-480&u_his=4&u_java=true

Squaw's Tahoe Queen Ferry Shuttle Resumes Jan. 20

Squaw Valley, CA (Sunday, January 18, 2004) - Starting Tuesday January 20, 2004, guests visiting Squaw Valley USA that are staying in South Lake Tahoe have one of the most entertaining and unique shuttle options in ski country - a historic paddlewheeler boat.

The day begins as guests are picked up at various South Lake Tahoe hotels and transported to Squaw Valley via luxury coach complete with a high-energy breakfast on the way. Skiers and snowboarders then spend the day exploring the 4,000 acres of legendary terrain at Squaw Valley USA, while non-skiers enjoy mountain-top ice skating and snowtubing, an Olympic Museum, cross country skiing, shopping and much more. The next adventure begins as guests are ferried across the waters of Lake Tahoe for the return trip aboard the Tahoe Queen, the world's only water-borne ski shuttle. An outdoor top-deck offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding Sierra Nevada from the middle of the Lake. The apr├Ęs ski trip includes a buffet dinner, live music, dancing and drink specials at the bar.

The Tahoe Queen, Lake Tahoe's only authentic paddlewheeler, operates Tuesday through Friday from January 20, 2004 through mid-April. The round trip skier and snowboarder package costs $129 per person and includes the morning shuttle and breakfast, an all day lift ticket to Squaw Valley USA and the return boat trip, entertainment and dinner. The same package is available without the lift ticket for non-skiers for $89 per person.

Squaw Valley also operates daily ski shuttles from the major hotels throughout North and South Lake Tahoe, Truckee and Reno. Shuttle service is free from the North Shore and Truckee and $10 from South Lake Tahoe and Reno. Squaw Valley's ski shuttles operate daily, weather permitting, mid-December through mid-April. The luxury coachliners are equipped with bathrooms and TV monitors playing the latest ski and snowboard movies.

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There is a bus from so shore to Squaw & Alpine(at least last year there was) but it cost $10 roundtrip and takes a while to get there. Rental car is definately preferred if you'll be bouncing between areas. We stayed so shore last year at Ceasar's and skied north shore everyday but one. You'll need to leave early for 1st chair on no shore and it will be longer if the road around the west side of the lake is closed due to snow. That road was closed twice during our trip last year when only 2 & 4 inches respectively fell at lake level. The trip around the east side of the lake is pretty easy, but adds about 25-30 minutes to the drive and I'm talking midweek. Hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by Raprider
I heard there is some sort of shuttle service to get around. What's the deal? I'd like to hit as many different places as possible.
It really is quite a hassle to go from South Shore to North Shore. Especially in mid-winter where the West Shore road closes frequently. I can easily take an hour, or more, each way. While the drive/ride is spectacular I'm not sure it's the best use of vacation time. Anyway this is my way of trying to manage your expectations and to suggest that South Shore, and Heavenly for skiing, is good enough to spend a week with maybe a single expedition to North Shore where the obvious choice would be Squaw Valley. It's an equivalent hassle to get to Kirkwood from South Shore too. Sorry
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I believe Kirkwood has a shuttle which brings skiers from So. shore hotels to
kirkwood. I don't know if it run by kirkwood resorts or is contracted out to
someone - but i have seen one around.

actually i just found this ontheir website


South Lake Tahoe Shuttle Bus

The shuttle will start December 27th.

We will be stopping at all major casinos and hotels in South lake Tahoe.

For more information call 530-587-6128.

Please check back for updated information.

Riders must be 18 years of age or older or accompanied by an adult. Early departures from Kirkwood may occur in the event of poor weather posing potential road closures. Check the sign boards at the base of each lift for shuttle updates if weather is questionable. Seating is limited. Reservations are best if made before 10:00 pm the previous day. Please notify service of all cancellations. Non-reservations will be picked up on a space available basis.
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This is good stuff! Thanks!
The planned day trip to Squaw will return via the ferry, which looks pretty cool.

I will check into the Kirkwood shuttle, though south to north travel sounds like a bit of a hassle. OTOH, renting a car for a day and making an hour+ drive is no worse than the 2 hrs it takes just to get to the mediocre Poconos!!! May be worth the extra $$. Probably some others in the club will be willing to split the cost. I just figure that I'd like to hit some variety in mountains while out west, which I only get to do every couple years.

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I am not a local but have traveled to Tahoe on several occasions. I rented a car both times and would NOT rely on any shuttle/public transportation for my vacation. I do not like to have to wait and be annoyed by all the little stops and itineraries. If your plan is to ski several areas and not stay put I would recomend a renting a car.

FYI Advantage has some deals on Jeep Grand Cherokees out of Reno airport and if you can go smaller I think you can get Jeep Liberty for less.
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We went out to Tahoe last January and I'm very glad we rented a vehicle. While hanging out with other skiers/boarders on the bus is fun, I really hate wasting all that extra time that could be spent on the hills.

We got an excellent deal online for a 4WD from Budget (out of the Reno airport). I don't remember the exact rate but it was somewhere between $25 and $29 a day. All the other rental agencies were significantly higher...double in some cases. I was afraid it was too good to be true but we ended up with a new Pacifica that was really comfortable and handled great in all the snow. I'm sure that the rates are probably lower right after New Year's when we went than they'd be later in the season when you're planing on going.

If you could get a few others to chip in with you I don't think you'd regret having your own vehicle. Besides being able to get to the resorts when you want to it's also nice to have the option of driving around looking for a good restaurant or a few side trips to the casinos.
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In December's issue of Skiing mag, page 22 is "Up All Night in South Lake Tahoe". A list of 8 hot spots to keep you up until sunrise. If you're into that sort of stuff I would check it out.
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Thanks, Valleygrlvt!
At least one or two nights of the 'scene' will make the trip more memorable

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Tahoe Trip

Tahoe, Kirkwood 45 min drive from Horizon, Sierra at Tahoe 30 min drive, Northstar at tahaoe 50 min, Alpine lhr 15 min and Squaw another 5 mins. The previous skiers answered almost all your questions. Squaw #1 for skiing but not on a weekend or holiday unless you are an expert skier to get away from crowds. My #2 is Kirkwood all types of skiing from l man chute to good cruisers, if you have any riders with you kirkwood has an awesome jump park #3 is a tie between Heavely and Alpine Meadows, Heavenly can be crowded where Alpine usually not midweek at least. Best Snow: Kirkwood, Sugar Bowl, Squaw or Alpine, Sierra at Taahoe and Northstar. Best Cruising/intermediate: Northsar, Sugar Bowl and a tie for the rest. Steeps: Squaw, Kirkwood, Alpine, Heavenly . Definitely rent a car if theres going to be several of you to share cost etc. Most reasonable food/dinner at South shore probably the Horizon Buffet. Theres a lot of expensive good retauants in the clubs, menu outside of room so you can check price. My favorite restaurant is the Soule Domain on North Shore, right behind the Tahoe Biltmore Casino, fixed up poney express relay station, American with a little french style not too expensive, if you go call and make reservations. Cheapesgt breakfast if your on the way to Squaw etc and can't go around West side is Tahoe Biltmore full breakfast forf $1.99. I you want to save $$ and haver a better luch at Squaw or Alpine stop just past (1-2) the Biltmore at Safeway on the right, they have good Deli Sandwiches etc. you can take with you-much better food than Swuaw or Alpine. Also depening on time etc. Best view of the Lake andone really good cruising run and long try Diamond Peak. And if its crowded the best intermediate and one of the best powder skiing areas is Homewood. If you see this is from an Idaho Skier yes you are right, but lieved in Tahoe for 30 years of skiing. Now live in dry snow area. Good luck, have a great time. If you guys/gals are looking for night life other than gambling. Its there in Tahoe City and Truckee. Ask some locals or some of the younger ski insgtructors they usually know whats going on.
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