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nordica w65

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I read heluva skiers question from November 2001 about the Nordica W65 to which he received no replys. So I am trying again. I just demoed this ski this weekend and really liked it. It was extremely fast, quick edge to edge and did everything I asked it to do. I am an advanced intermediate skier and figure I must be missing something, because there is very little info on this ski out there. I skied the x-scream 9 on the same day and found the Nordica superior in all aspects except the x-scream seemed to cut through the crud better. The Nordica is $200 cheaper to boot. I skied mostly on groomers as snow wasn't good enough for anywhere else. I am 5'6" and weigh 145 and skied the skis in a 161 and 163. Somebody tell me what I am missing before I splurge on this ski. There must be something wrong with it because nobody seems to buy it.
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We bought my mife a pair of these with Nordica's SynAxis integrated bindings at SportMart at a President's Day sale. My wife wanted to buy them because they looked cool. I wanted to see a review first. I couldn't find a lot out there. SKI Magazine www.skimag.com reviewed the ski and gave it glowing reviews. The best part was they had the ski marked down to $200 and the bindings down to $70 with an additional 25% off everything. Including mounting and taxes, we were out the door for under $250.

We went skiing up at Sierra Summit last Saturday and my wife absolutely loves the skis. We're both lower level intermediates. The skis completely changed her outlook on skiing. I'm considering getting a pair for myself.
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I skied it last year in a 180 + and was impressed. I regular ski Volkl and thought the w-65 held a very good edge close to some volkls. Nordica bought Kastle several years back and when Benetton bought Nordica they changed the brand to Nordica.So they do have a history of a good gripping ski. To save even more $ , you can put a binding without a lifter or free flex on it since all that is already built in to the w-65.Benetton sold Nordica about 2 month ago , very nebulous to whom , but now it is under the Volkl/Tecnica/marker/elan canopy , and it was hinted at SIA in Vegas that all Nordica skiis will be systems with Markers. Still a great ski , the first one I destroyed last year when I blew out an edge.
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