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What length to buy in New Mantras?

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Hey guys,

Im around 170cm tall and wondering what you guys would suggest be a good length for me in Mantras. Currently, I ski Volkl supersport Allstars in 161cm's. I bought them at the beginning of this season in Australia to use at my local mountain (Mt. Buller). Im off to Canada, BC, and possible Colorado for a total of 3 weeks leaving early Feb. Ill be doing most of my skiing in Canada, and probably Mt Washington, Banff and Whistler in BC, so I want to have something fatter than the 78mm under my foot with the allstars.

Ive had one guy tell me to go for 161's, and another to try the 177's. Im leaning more towards the 177's, Id prefer to ski something longer on the Mantras, even though im a shortass! I weigh about 135-140lb, so would they ski too long for me in a 177? I want to do mainly off piste, but theres still going to be alot on groomers, but Ive got the allstars if need be. Im an advanced skiier and ski quite aggressive. Another thing, can you still ride switch half decent given the mantra isnt a true twin tip? I always said that I was gonna get a twin for my next ski if I go for a fatter waist, so I could ride switch on landings n stuff. I can still do it with the allstars, but forget it once it gets rough.

101 questions in there, I dont know when to stop, but there are alot of professionals in this forum so what better place to ask! Cheers guys.

1 more thing. I posted earlier about the 2006-2007 mantras and their availability. Apparently they are starting their pressings in mid Jan. How much longer could they be out in stores? I really want the new ones as they look cool (bright orange and white).

Cheers again
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Where the hell have you seen the new ones???

Ok, back to topic, who told u to go for the 161? A snowboarder? You should of course go for the 177, not a cm less... If u ski aggresive, u would probably be able to handle the 185 too, but i guess that is a question about taste, and since your last was 161, u will prob. prefer the 177, not the 185.

The twintip: Have u taken a close look at the semi twintip of the Mantras? It is not big, and it is not maid for jumping, thats for sure... No more than 540, perhaps a 900 if u stomp it... No way josé u can ride switch in pow... I thought about the Matra before but because of the semi twintip, i am going to order a pair of the new Scratch BC...
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If you're looking for a great ski that you can ride switch in powder, stomp landings and have all around ripping good times I'd take a look at the Dynastar Big Trouble. You think the Mantra looks cool? This has to be the best looking ski out there right now. Oh yeah, I'd go with a 178 if you're interested.
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Aren't Allstars 70 at the waist, not 78?
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Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah, I am most definitely going to go for the 177's, 161 is decent for my carving length, but thats about it.

VASKI244: If you think those Big Troubles look good, you aint seen nothing yet!!! You would freak if you saw the topsheet on the 2007 Volkl Karmas, probably the sickest design ive seen on a ski! Even the new Volkl Dogen. Promised rep I wouldnt post pics, pm if you want to see.
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oh yeah sorry, I meant a 70 waist, not 78. I was actually meant to type 68, but even that was wrong, wasnt it!
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