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Callaghan Lake - Nov 4, 2005

04.11.05 - We started from Alexander Falls at 2700 ft and ending at Callaghan Lake at 4000 ft. Three in the party all on AT gear. Snow was patchy at 2700 ft to 60 cms of unconsolidated at 4000ft. The snow is an unconsolidated schmoo that seems to be great for a base. I didn't bother going to the lake or even trying to ski the slopes we picked out. The slope angle was too low for decent touring as the snow was heavy and slow. Plus my wifes and TS's feet were killing them. We elected to do some tranceiver search practise and ski out.

Snowed approximately 8 - 10cms on us during the 6 hours we were out. The ski out was hard - snow continually sticking to ski bases. Don't bother with Callaghan Lake until there is more snow.

The picture below is just below the parking lot at 2700 ft. Snow accumulation was about 2-3 cms; another 5 cms fell at this elevation. You can drive another 1km with snow tires and probably another 2kms with chains

This picture is at the Callaghan Lake sign approximately 1.5kms from the lake itself. Snow depth is approximately 50 - 60 cms at 3900 ft.

Tranceiver practise at a turnout just before the junction to either go north to the lake or west to the commercial XC ski operation. Snow depth is approximately 60 cms.

Blackcomb Opening Weekend - Nov 5, 6 2005

05.11.05 - Opening Day - Skied Blackcomb. Was in the lineup at 8am and still was on chair 100+. Another person who was in the lineup at 7.30am got chair 60. Did two fast runs down Solar Coaster in knee to waist-deep snow then the crowds got insane. My legs were toast so quit at 1pm or so.

06.11.05 - Skied Blackcomb inbounds again. Not much to report. Ran into some people who said that the glacier was still crevassed but that it was skiable. RidgeRunner is also accessible by skinning up from JC to Glacier and over to Crystal Chair and apparently is superb.

The picture shows the lineup on Day 2. There were 5,000 skier visits approx on Day 1. Day 2 was much less crowded.

This picture shows Chainsaw Ridge already somewhat filled - in. Coverage was surprisingly good.

From other friends -

Elfin Lakes has too much snow! There's too much wet heavy stuff for turns to be had so best to wait for the pack to consolidate a bit.

Cerise Creek trailhead has a little bit of snow - maybe 5cms. The slopes of Chief Pascall still look really rocky.