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Best Resort for Denver area School Field Trip?

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I am trying to put together a ski trip in January for some kids in the middle school where I teach. With the help of an organization called Alpino here in Denver we can get a pretty good deal. I have a choice of all the Vail resorts and Eldora. The closest (we're coming from Commerce City) are Keystone, A-Basin, Breckenridge and Eudora. My question is would one be better than the other? All of my kids are beginners-- maybe one or two have skied or snowboarded once before. Lessons are included. Which ski school would be best? Which learning area? Does it matter?

Thanks for your help.
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Is it a Day trip ?
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They all would work. Eldora has a nice, separate beginner hill just steps from the parking lot and rental bldg and it's a very scenic drive up from Boulder. And there's only one base to return to which could lessen end of the day separations. Also, what about Loveland? Got to think those two would be less crowded than others.
Please excuse my nerve for replying to this one. I live in the East. I'm sure locals will have better input.
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Yes it is a day trip during the week. These are the only resorts that offer the special rates for the kids through this program. It is only $27 for a lift ticket, lesson, rental equipment and a food voucher. Plus the cost of the bus. (alpino.org) I've applied for some grants to try to get the price down for the kids because that's a lot for many of them.
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It's my feeling that Peak 9 in Breckenridge has the best beginner teaching terrain in the area. That would be my first choice.

Second would be Keystone. There is beginnner terrain at the top of the mtn. there and the kids would get a kick out of being at the top of the place...

Forget the Basin..

I haven't been to Eldora in over 20 yrs....hopefully somebody can give you a hint on how well this place would fit in.

Good Luck
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Eldora has a great program for school groups (I taught in them last year). Call them at 303-440-8700 and ask for group sales. [Note: they can also provide supervised lunch if you need that.]
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Skiing on a field trip?! I wish you had been one of my teachers in what was Junior High! But seriously, all of your options are good, particularly because you're going on a weekday and crowds shouldn't be too bad. My vote, however, goes to Eldora, for some of the reasons already mentioned. In addition, Eldora is not too big (at least it didn't use to be) and that means your students won't be spread out all over the place. It was the very first place I skied when I was a kid.
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Thanks for all the information. I will re-consider Eldora. I called them earlier before I contacted Alpino and they seemed very booked with groups during the week. At first I was leaning towards Keystone at first because it's closer than Breck.

My old school in Boston did two ski field trips when I was there. I love getting the kids out on the mountains. They just love it. The kids for the most part are not too well off and many haven't even been to the mountains.
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I run some youth group ski trips from time to time. Kids can make more progress in 7 hours than some adults do in 7 days!?!
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