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Seeking Boot Fitter

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Need new boots (ugh.) need really good bootfitter as I have very difficult feet. (Jeff has suggested plugs or dobies based on written description.)
Live in NM and have season pass to Winter Park.
Help please and Thank YOU.

Options being considered:
Boot Fixation, Breck
Boot Tech, Aspen
Kenny's Double Diamond, Vail
The Boot Drs., Taos
Le Feet Lab, Winter Park
  • The first two have great reps but are not near where I ski and would not likely be able to go back if it isn't right.
  • Have friends in Vail and ski there occasionally. But, Kenny is no longer at Kenny's and I don't know their reputation as boot fitters now. Anyone care to opine?
  • I've had mixed experience at Boot Drs. which is closest to where I live
  • Le Feet Lab is where I got my footbeds (successful) and in WP where I go alot, but he only sells Dalbello and Jeff says they are probably too wide for my foot.
What advice would you give? drive to breck or aspen and hope they get it right the first time? Try Kenny's, hoping the new people know what they're doing? Give the Boot Drs. another chance? or hope that Jeff was wrong about Dalbello and risk having my foot fit to the boot instead of the other way around?

All opinions considered and appreciated. Thanks
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Without exception Kenny's. Call and ask to make an appointment with Jim.
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Jeff Bergeron is terrific!!! I would highly recommend Boot Fixation.
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I met Jim Lindsay from Bootech last year at the PSIA National Academy, and he seemed to be pretty good, and a lot of the western folks spoke highly of his work. I have my work done in the east at Green Mountain, and I am very happy with their work.
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According to this post, Green Mountain Orthotic Lab is doing boot work at Vail starting this winter. They have a great reputation in the northeast and are worth considering.

The owner posts here so you could pm him with any questions. Here's a link to their website.
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Thank you, everyone for the good feedback. I'll report back later.
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Bob Gleason if you use Boot Doctor. Jim Lindsay and Jeff Bergeron. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.
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FYI- "Kenny" Friedman from Kenny's double diamond does not own Kenny's Double Diamond and now exclusively fits out of Gorsuch in Beaver Creek and I think he may also fit in Vail. If you want to reach him, let me know.
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