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Anybody skied on Dolomite Rage X10 Boots

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Anybody using Dolomite rage X10 boots --if so what'd your impression???

I tried on a number of boots this weekend , and have been a Lange fan for 10 yrs so went out with those in mind . I'm 6'1" , 195 lbs , in good shape on Atomic SX10's /Neox 412's and ski 30 days a yr in the Northeast and eastern Canada, all blues,blacks , no bumps but steeps are cool

tried both Nordica Speedmachines 14 , 10 and the Beast too , nice but pricey , The Lange comp 100 OK but not the most comfortable footbeds ;Lange CRL 90 too flexy, Head RS 100 --worst fit in the lot and frankly the closure system for the price is cheesy Tried an Atomic too but didnt care for it

but after trying them all on and flexing them all i the store and keeping them each on for several walk-arounds . tucks in bindings etc the best deal and most comfortable fit was a Dolomite rage X10 which i NEVER would have considered . Anybody out there using them ???

My rankings based on store walk-arounds and other manuvers was

1 Dolomite Rage X10 great fit and price

2. Nordica Series but prefered the Speedmachine 14 then 10

3.Lange comp

4Lange CRL 90

5 Head RS 100--for the price i thought this boot was a turkey :
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Rage Pro fits me oh so nice (haven't pulled the trigger, tho).

Was the Atomic a B-series shell?

Tried Tecnica?
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Not sure on the Atomic shell i was not impressed with Atomic to begin with

Yes I tried tecnica but ended up pulling the trigger yesterday on the Dolomite RageX10 .

: It was a better deal ,fit felt similar to the tecnica feel . I think tecnica bought dolomite a couple seasons back so its no surprise there were similarities in fit

good luck in your hunt
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Hi W.D.

I have not used the Dolomite Rage X10, but I was very happy with the Dolomite Sintesi boots I had for 2 years.

You should know that all Dolomites fit wide feet very well and would not be a good match with a below average foot width. I went down a full size (from 29.5 to 28.5) when using Dolomites. This provided a snug but comfortable fit compared to my Technica Explosions that were tight in the toe box but loose in the heel area.

The smaller shell size Dolomite were a perfect fit for me. If you can sneak your foot into a Lange, the Dolomite might be too wide.

What happened when you tried on a pair?


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Hey thanks for the feedback barrettscv:

At several stores i sampled they each measured me . But I went down a half size in the Rage .i wore a 28.5 in Lange bought a 28.0 Rage

They seem to fit and feel great for the time i messed around with them BUT the proof is in skiing --so its a work in progress.
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I skied the Rage Pro a for a couple of runs last year. It had way to much volume for me, and the upper cuff was way to high. It was very unresponsive (for me), and obviously not the boot for me. I have a rather low volume D/E width foot, and am short 5'6" with short legs. The boot I was using at the time was the XT17. The new Dolomite Z line is totally different. The Rage is stilll around, but I spend the last half of last season in the Z Race 150. Holy crap! That boot rocks. It is much lower volume (96 mm toe box) and very plug like. It fit me extremely well (with one punch one each boot of 6th toe) and out skis the XT17 in a big way, though it is much stiffer. The rest of the line has softer boots Z Pro130/ Z110 (that are still pretty stiff) with a wider (100mm?) but still snug last. Yea the Rage feels cush, but it needs a big fat foot on a long thick lower leg to really work.
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