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Atomic B5 Supercross

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I have an opportunity to pick up some Atomic B5 Supercross from my local ski shop. I believe them to be last years model( 04-05) with the Neon 412 bindings. Demoed a pair last year and loved how they ripped down the hill( alas that's all we have here in Ontario). Unfortunately I don't recall the length of the demoed skis and this is my dilemma. The skis in question are in a 158 length only. I'm 5'10" weighing 180 lbs. skiing at an advanced level (7-8 on the 9 scale) with most of my skiing in the east ( read ice-packed). I tend to ski an aggressive gs style but do like to do some off-piste skiing where it exists as well as working the shorter turns on the steeps and bumps.
I'm concerned that these skis might be two short for me and prove sketchy at speed. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thxs
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That length would be in my opinion to short for your ability. Its a beefy ski with the power rods but I'd suggest the same ski in a 170 cm length particularly if you enjoy making longer radius gs turns as mentioned.
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According to an Atomic rep I met recently:

Aggressive GS style on ice and hard snow = Good

Off Piste, quick turns = Not good.
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I believe 158 cm would be too short for you.

In fact, I think it would be too short for me at 165 lbs doing the types of turns at the speeds it was made for. You would find it lacking and overpower it in the sense that you would not having enough edge on the snow to give you a hard enough push to make the corner you want to make.

I wouldn't buy it. If I had a choice I would rather ski a 170 (and you likely longer still) sx11 than a 158 SX B5.

There is nothing to be gained by going to a shorter ski in a line that was made for longer radii. It is not the same as taking an SR ski in a Short length.
i.e. A 158 SXB5 is no substitute for a 160 SL11.

That being said, I think you could still enjoy it and I don't think you would find it "unstable" just because of the speed you were going (in the sense that say an SX10 would be at 45 mph) on any slope you would find at say Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood. And it might even fit in the trunk.
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Why don't you just wait and get the all new SX10 B5 skis when they come out, that way you have the softer flexing SX10, combined with the performance of the B5 technology.

Or the Metron M11 which will also have B5 instead of the old B4 system.
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