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Need FOAM!

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I’ve got a few stoopid questions regarding foam...

Say that theoretically one could buy a new older version of a race boot that comes with foam liners, but they don’t come with the actual foam itself.

Is all foam created equal? Are the caps on the liners all interchangeable and some standard size? Can foam from say a Conformable liner be used for an Atomic, Tecnica, or Nordica liner? Or any inter-combination thereof?

I know foam typically has a shelf life so one woulf think it's not necessarily true that it'd be impossible to buy just foam alone - although maybe not easy to find, or cheap for that matter ...

With all that said – any of the Bears that own shops have some foam they’d like to sell ?
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iirc the conformable bottles are interchangable with rossi/lange/salomon caps and tubes i haven't seen a nordica foam boot in a while...
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as long as the bottles from the foam kit fit the liners tubes all shoud be well.

make sure the kits and boots are made for both liner and tounge or liner only
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