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Performance "peak"

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I remember reading a post or article last season that mentioned peaking your training performance a few weeks or more before the ski season (or something like that), but it didn't go into detail about it.

Can someone explain this concept? Does it involve actually backing off your training? What benefit does that have?
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Man I hope that works because I mountain biked like a fiend all summer and then the last month I've been too busy with moving and work to do much of any training. I think some off time between training and skiing would serve well since my experience is that when I've taken a couple weeks off from MTB I come back very strong.
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I'm no fitness guru, but I'm aware that it's pretty near impossible to maintain peak fitness for a long period of time.

People who train towards a specific event, or a number of events, will plan and vary the intensity of their workouts as they build towards the event. They never stop training altogether, but try to go into the event at their "peak".

For people who work towards a season of events this is harder to plan for, but they try to get most the fitness training done prior to the season starting, then interspurse fitness and skill training during the season itself. They're just looking to maintain a level of fitness - not increase it.
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you actually want to peak midseason ... it's true to you only stay in "peak" for a few weeks ... so you ramp up, peak and ramp down. if you ski november to april then you want to peak in late jan/early feb ... this is especially important for your plyo workouts.

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