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Skiingweatherman Where Abouts

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I've been logging on The Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens site the last couple of weeks seeing if he has put out his long range winter forecast. Looks like the site doesn't exist anymore at www.skiingweatherman.com

Anybody know where I can find Herb now?
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Not sure where he is today but a year or so back some boarder landed on his head at Jay Peak and shortened that season for him. Let us hope it did not shorten his career.
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Just got off the phone with him. Thanks for giving me an excuse to renew an old acquaintence.
He has been doing Golf on XM radio.
He was not aware the site was not responding, but assured me that would be changed pronto, he says thanks for tipping him off to it.
His broadcasts will resume in two weeks.
His accident at Jay was spring of 2004 and though he broke his collar bone in 5 places he was back at golf in 9 weeks.
Years ago he was on local channel 13 in the Albany, NY market when I was President of the NY Capital District Ski Council. We made turns together on State Street during one of the Busch CitySkis.
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Let this be a lesson to all you boys and girls out there with internet domains.

Network solutions and most of the other Domain name providers simply cut off your website if you have not paid up your registration fees. Thus you cannot get email for that domain name and no one can see you site etc.

no warning- bang they shut you off and then it can take 2-3 days for the domain to coming fully back on line once you have $$ in their hands.

This has happened to IBM and many other big players- but to date no one has figured out how to get the registrars to be any more reasonible.
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Glad to hear that he's going to be around, he's definitely one of the better no BS forecasters I've found on the internet (unlike Accublunder/Accuhype). Another great source for all of you to get weather news during the winter is wxrisk.com, the guy who runs it knows his stuff and does not hype up weather like a lot of the other sites out there...

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Back on line!! 11/07/05 16:36 Z-5
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Back on line but not updated with his winter forecast for 2006. It says see you in the fall when he closed out last spring.
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