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Car hire for ESA

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Do any Bears out there have access to any car hire deals that myself, Foxy, Linds & Marc can tap into?

We are looking to hire a 4WD (preferably a SUV) for the ESA, The Gathering & the following week.

We'll be flying in & out of SLC so we're looking for a 10 day or two week hire depending upon whether we get the SLC/Snowbird shuttle to & from the airport - although the cost/hassle of the shuttle for four will probably mean it's best to hire for the two weeks.
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No deals that you can't find yourself Spyderjon, but keep checking orbitz, expedia etc... Last year while in SLC for a week, I changed my reservation 4 times with each being progressively cheaper. Finally endid up paying U.S. $260 at the airport including all taxes etc... for a 4WD. The key is you must check often as the deals sometimes only exist for a day or even a few hours.
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If any of you work for a large corporation may be they have a discount with one of the car rental company's, like Avis, Hertz, Budget, etc.
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