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Happy Birthday, Skier_j!

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You're like a fine wine,'re getting better every year!
I love you to bits.:
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It's hard to follow the wife of the birthday boy with anything comparable, but let me be second to say

Happy Birthday, J!!!!

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Happy B'Day!! Have a great day.
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Happy birthday from Blackcomb, Willow and Giselle!
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Happy biddy, J!
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What they all said!

(OK, well maybe not the bits Bonni said, but certainly the rest)

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Grats J,
Many more.
How often do you get to go skiing on your B-day??
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Have fun!
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Thanks everyone!
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Party Hard, Man! Happy B-day
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Happy Birday J, go find some skiing or something. BTW how old are you, 102?
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Originally Posted by volantaddict
. BTW how old are you, 102?
I've been puzzling at his secret for looking not even half that.

I currently think he saw an advance screening of the Sardinian men's longevity secret: Do the work and let the ragazza do the worrying.
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Older than dinosaurs, but not as old as dirt?
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He's Fitty-two! ( a true fossil)
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But He's your fossil Bonni. HBTY Skier J.
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HBDTY, Dilbert - and how many "bits" does she mean? Hey, consider yourself a lucky guy - how many of us are married to an interior decorator/ home renovator?
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Happy Birthday Skier J!
Hope you had a great one! The days almost over now!
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Wow, someone can get that old!!!
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