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Big Bear 12/9/05 conditions

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Im heading up to Big Bear Lake 9th Decemeber Ive never driven in snow and will admit im a total newbie to snow chains.
What I need to know is a friendly/helpfull place to buy or rent snow chains from.. I understand that in some areas you must carry them in the car even if they arent required on your car.
I would prefer to rent them would be for 5 days, if that is cheaper or else I will buy them.
I was also told that some places wont let you return the chains after they are bought even if they are still in the package, wondering if this is true?
Im looking to do alittle snowshoeing to warm up with then hit the slopes if conditions allow.
Is there any cheap or friendly places to hire snow shoes?
Any good eating places to know about?

My last question how cold does it really get there? will I need the whole get up IE ski pants/jacket/winter booties?
thanks and happy skiing
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I can't answer the snowshoe and eating questions, but you shouldn't need chains unless it is snowing or has just snowed (not likely). If it has, you will need to buy some, as the road can be treacherous when it storms. The temps rarely get below 15 dgrees f.
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I dont recall ever finding anyone who rents chains. If you buy some, save the reciept, I bet you could return them a week later if they were not used. Buy them from a large retailer, like costco, sears or walmart - and I bet you wont have a problem returning them.

Most likely, the only snow you will find in december is the man made kind on at the resorts. So as the previous poster said, you likely wont need the chains. I would have some with me just incase though.

For eating, I liked the Blue Whale, as they had some tastey prime rib. As far as bars go, Chad's was always a good time, never ate their food though. In Running Springs, about half way down the mountain, there was a pizza joint thats worth stopping at if you are passing thru.

Hope that helps some.
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it is big bear, it never gets pow. Fact of life in Socal.
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