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giro g10 helmet?

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so i was shopping for my first helmet and stumbled across the giro g10, is this a good helmet? it was pretty comfortable and it lined up well with my goggles, it was a bit less rounded than the other goggles though. has some little switch to open close vents.. i got home and did a search here and there isnt much on the g10 but a lot of talk about the giro nine, i tried a nine but they didn't have the right size in stock for me, is it a better helmet? thanks

ps. anyone have an opinion on those tune ups things, the headphone ear pad replacements? if im alone i like listening to tunes on the ride up, is it worth $40 to have it pre-wired? or is it just a cheap novelty?
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giro builds good helmets

The key thing is the fit. Is it snug and still comfortable on your head, and does it match well with your goggles? Sounds like the answer to both of those is yes, so you're good.

If you like to listen to music on the way up, then they work much better than trying to have an earplug or something in your ear inside of the normal helmet earpiece. The biggest disadvantage is the number of wires and the fact that the plug for the earpiece needs to be fished out of the earpiece to attach the plug. The tune-ups default wiring includes a single wire to the earpiece split to two source wires (to connect to a music source and a cell phone). The wiring set also includes a microphone and control button that controls functions on the cell phone. I haven't tried, but you could probably come up with compatible single wire to go from player to earplug.

Conclusion. It was always difficult for me with earplugs inside the helmet earpieces, so the tune-ups is better (but wiring is a bit much unless you really want both music and cell phone.
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I recently bought one at the ski show. In the Ski magazine buyers guide they rated it as one of the best. I liked it because it was comfortable and works well with my goggles. Also, it is one of the lightest helmets on the market.
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The G10 is new this year. It fits in (price and performance) between the Fuse and the Nine.9. It has a slide switch on top to open and close the vents, similar to the Fuse. I don't think there's any options to opening or plugging the side vents. The shell is harder compared to the Fuse or Nine.9.

I think it is geared more towards boarders, although there's no reason why it can't be worn by skiers.

Fit is most important overall. The features are worthless if the helmet doesn't fit properly. I have a Nine.9 and a Fuse.

FYI - the Leedom Prophet has gotten good press here. I think REI has a good deal going on this one right now.
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I'd go for a FUSE with the tuneups. It is AWESOME! 'nuff said
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Here is a good deal.When you hit the checkout button they deduct 15% plus free shipping.$134.95 total ,the cheapest I could find.Purchased one this morning. http://www.snowleopard.biz/slms/product.asp?s%5Fid=0&dept%5Fid=3226&pf%5Fid=PAAAIA IOLGJCAICN
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