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I'm considering buying some last years Fischer GS from www.ski-depot.com. Has anyone dealt with them before? Are they reliable, quick, honest, etc.?
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Originally Posted by D(C)
Are they reliable, quick, honest, etc.?
Yes-On all points. I've used them several times with great success.
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Just bought a pair of Fischer RX9's from them about a month ago. No problems whatsoever, in fact they arrived just 2 days after I ordered them :
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I picked up a pair of rx8's from them and they were very helpful. I would definately buy skis from them again.
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bought a pair of RC's this fall, great all around, couldn't have been better price or better service!
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Excellent service and great guys to deal with. I have bought a couple of pairs from them. Highly recommended!
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ScotsSkier, see PM.
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