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Another sad story about Avalanches

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Berthod pass has claimed another victim. A thirty-one year old snowboarder was caught in a slide today. The SAR group was quoted as saying that area (the mines) slides often. It is never a matter of if it will slide, only when. My heart goes out to the family and friends who are going through so much more than they set out to experience today.
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I have been following reports by "Summit" all day on TGR. Link
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My heart goes out to them as well...

Be careful, friends, it's dangerous out there.
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It is sadder to hear the victim was "experienced" but not wearing a beacon or any other rescue equipment. Taking that additional risk makes no sense but we see it several times a season. So very very sad and so very very avoidable.
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He seems to have traveled alone. A beacon without a partner is often a recovery device, not a rescue device. Very sad for those that won't have a loved one returning home from a fun day in the mountains.
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