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I just looked at a Buy It Now price of $379! How much of an improvement is the new liner for this year's Krypton? What was the issue with last year's Krypton liner? I'm going to guess the boots on ebay don't have the new liner. Have the shops received the new liners for last year's carry over Krypton stock?

Anybody ski the Krypton and not like it? All the different accessories could entertain me all winter putting the boot together one way and trying it another way. Its still a ski boot and has to fit your foot first but I think I would like this boot and would fit my skinny lower leg real well.

Does everybody that has the Krypton agree that it skis better than the Flexons? I slipped a Krypton on last year 27 shell(wear a 10.5 shoe) and oddly it felt a little wide in the toes box which surprised me. I'm going to go try a 26 shell and spend some time in it. For an all mountain boot it sure looks like a great product.