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Head XP 100

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Has anyone had a look at these? I was at a head demo last year and the rep kept nagging me (this is a good kind of nagging) to try these skis,but I didn't and now I'm kicking my self.

I'm an ex racer and I figured that no one would ever come out with a ski with the power of a race ski and the float of an all mountain ski, but this looks pretty good.

I usually ski Volkls but Head is a close second(mainly because I have a hookup with Volkl). As a Coaching/racing ski this might be alot of fun.
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I skied the XP-100 for several days. It has a wicked amount of sidecut(122/67/107, 13m). Out of the XP line I liked the 80 a little more, less sidecut (117/66/101, 14.5m) but a little stiffer. Both skis were excellent in every condition I skied which included frozen spring hardpack, knee deep pow, sybervision 'roy, corn/slush and bumps. They handled the off run stuff like a Volant Powercarve and the carving/speed like a raceboard. The XP-80 had a racier feel to it. I chose it as my all-mountain everyday fun & workhorse board. I just fount the versatility unmatched by anything else I'd ever skied.
I weigh in at 220 and 6'5" so you know. The XP-100 will treat you right I'm sure.

Here's a LINK to HEAD.

One of the things about these skis is that the wide point of the shovel is beyond the contact point (in the air when the ski is flat) so when they are edged they really hook up in a positive, smooooth manner.

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That's a radical ski - I don't mean that in a bad way.

I think it replaced the Cyber X-60, which I love.

My bad. It did not replace the Cyber X-60.

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