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Spurrier's Gamecocks Bowl Eligible!

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Spurrier is turning this lackluster outfit into winners. The turnaround is thrilling! USC beat the Hawgs, making them eligible for a bowl....

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I'm not at all surprised by this. When he coached here (University of Florida) he was the best offensive mind in the college game. Give him a good defensive coordinator (as when he had Bob Stoops in Gainesville) and he's virtually unstoppable. I don't know if he'll go as far as he did with UF, only because he probably had access to more football talent here in Florida than he does in South Carolina. However, I wouldn't bet against him. I was disappointed that he never was able to make the adjustment to the pro game, but he does seem more comfortable in the college game. And, of course, you know with Spurrier you'll beat UT every year.
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By the end of the UT v. SC game, I had decided that not only is Spurrier a great coach, he must have a voodoo doll of Phil Fulmer. I had hoped we could beat SC now before he got a chance to recruit. Maybe next year!
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Nobody here could believe it...the Cocks are such loosers....games are an excuse for tailgating at the cabooses. I heard there was a shakeup at Tenn after the game......one thing is for sure, the USC/Florida game this weekend will be interesting!
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Spurrier at South Carolina did produce some entertaining T-shirts in Knoxville. "We always knew Spurrier was a Cock!" was seen on quite a few fraternity boys.
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He's dramatic when he gets mad and throws the radio down......those first games were gut wrenching......
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Hey Maniac,
How many games left on the schedule?
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Mainiac -

Better be careful what you wish for. Going to a bowl game can cost about the same as a good ski vacation.
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All that's left on the schedule is Florida and Clempson! Rio, I know....have to sell a kidney.....
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Maniac (sic),

A day of mixed emotions.

My least favorite coach beats my least favorite team. You know how Knoxvillians feel about the gator's.

I'm from Knoxville and have always been a UT fan, but went to college at Memphis. We're now 1-18 against the Vols.

Hope y'all make a bowl this year.
I had a good friend who ran the 800 at SC back in the Mid 80's. A really fine fellow.
It was a wonderful victory for you.
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KenE many thanks! First time the Cocks beat the Gators in sixty six years or something......Spurrier is probably the most talented coach in college football....man that game was sweet!

Spurrier has broken the chickin jinx! Yehawww!
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Gamecocks/Tigers on ESPN 2

The great regional game/rivarly between the Clemson Tigers and USC Gamecocks will be televised on ESPN2 at 7:30 pm.
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Got a coworker who's a South Carolina alum and also a Redskin season ticket holder. In two years his opinion of Steve Spurrier has gone from "throw the bum outta town" to "the man's a miracle worker."
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SC Vs Clemson


I've never been to Clemson and wouldn't want to cast dispersions, but someone told me that they would never consider an artificial surface on their football field.

If they went artificial, where would the homecoming queen graze? MOOoo.

I think UT just has Kentucky and Vandy to play. And, you know they're licking their chops at the chance to stop the Vols. Should be interesting.
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Ken, USC's defensive line is mature, Clempson's is all true freshmen. They will have trouble reading Spurrier's offense. We'll see!
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Bowl option

Hey Mainiac,
Tough day all around, but at least YOU lost to Clemson. UT was downed by Vandy (Why Biff I do believe we were victorious! The Belle Meade country club will be rockin.)

Hey, use the saved bowl funds to come out and ski with us in Telluride. Fine way to bring the spirits back.

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At least the Cocks weren't whipped the way they were last year....I could not believe Vandy beat Tenn, the world is upside down!

That was the biggest party Columbia has seen in 50 years......40k tailgaters did not have tickets to the game.....86k had tix....what a bash....terrible hangover....uh...urp....

When will you fellers be in Telluride?
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I'm always here in Telluride. Had the chance to transfer up here two years ago and haven't looked back. However, let us get some snow first. Looking pretty grim at the moment.

Sounds like it was a great party!
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