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Best ~$1000 hardtail

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The question says it all. Looking for higher levels of fork and frame than of drivetrain.
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Get Gonzo to build you one!
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I work in a bike/ski shop....
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What are you going to use it for?
Just the frame or complete bike?
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Well, at the moment I live in Houston. Therefore, no downhills anymore (I'm from Boston). I will probably use it for trail riding and jumping off of random stuff. I therefore am looking for something strong, but somewhat light.

I can proform stuff from Fisher, Trek, and Specialized, and have ridden a fair amount of bikes. A frame is fine, but it is easiest if it is from one of the above manufacturers, so that I can proform it.
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So then do you mean $1000 retail, or $1000 for you? Pretty big difference.
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enough vague advice..It's a great time to buy a hard tail--all over the internet there are closeout H-tails (and at your local shops too) on blow out sale. Fact is, 1000 dollar plus hardtails have become near impossible to move (most shops around here won't even stock them any more). So look around, drive a hard bargain, I think you'll be surprised.

These are the bikes my local shop is hawking (www.bikes-unlimited.com) I'm sure you can find similar bikes on similar sales near you as well:

For a Racy-er Format: Giant xtc 2 for $800.00 or Felt RXC $850.00-I particularly like the Felt-very fast, nice frame (looks good, and has those carbon rear stay) The shop is selling the next level up (RXC Pro-real nice h-tail) as well for $1500.

For a BombprooF Format: Marin Rocky Ridge for $825 (17 inch )-I own one of these---It can take a beating and it's just fun to ride-if you check marinbikes.com you can see it's specs and for the price-it's a deal.

Finally-going with another format: Maybe consider a single speed? I built up a Steel Surly karate monkey (29er) with a mix of old and new parts for around $1000-I'm loving it--if I lived somewhere flatter (like Houston) i'd probably ride it all the time. Fisher and Cannondale (the 1fg is a lightning bolt) both make well liked SS for around a grand as well.

I hear nice things about the steel entry level Jamis bikes-but I've never ridden one.

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oops! I should read more carefully!

Oh, I just read your second post..you WORK in a shop and have employee pro form--sorry-Shouldn't we be asking you this question? Truthfully, I'm not sure what your question is-If you have proform with fisher, Specialized and Trek-just find out what 1000 bucks get you from them and get it--all three (Fisher and Trek in Particular) make pretty much the same bikes with regards to hard tails-go with the nicest color scheme (probably the Specialized). Or, now that I think about it more--with the proform discount take a gamble and get Fisher's best 29er hard Tail (probably around a grand for I'd think)--as I said, I've been liking the big wheels on my Surly-

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Originally Posted by epic
So then do you mean $1000 retail, or $1000 for you? Pretty big difference.
Retail. It is indeed a big difference. I get ~60% off, so you can do the math. I plan to slap a Talas RLC on whatever I get, so I'm looking for a reasonably light platform with a decent level of components, fork doesn't matter. I don't care so much about drivetrain, since I can upgrade that cheaply, but I would prefer for things like rims and hubs to not break. (Since I won't be able to resist replacing with Mavic ). Fisher's geometry works well for my long frame, and I dont mind being somewhat forward over the bars.

On the other hand, I was playing around on specialized's website, and I found the stumpjumper fsr expert, which looks sick, and has all the components I want. 60% off of 2800 is not that hard to swallow.
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I am currently riding the Trek 8000, MSRP $1149. Nice light frame, some of the components could use an upgrade.
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A giant XTC frame is really light and is still strong enough for anything besides some really big jumps, unless of course you got the carbon frame which probably would not handle much.
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