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Skis & Size?

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Actually, this is Mrs Whistlerskier and I'm looking for some opinions/advice on new ski selection.

I am an expert skier, ski all terrain at Whistler/Blackcomb and am 5'2", 115lbs. Most importantly (to me anyway) I am coming off 3 knee surgeries (ACL recon and 2 follow-ups). I am looking to replace my 170 Volant Powercarves - which I love - with something a tad lighter for my delicate knees but with approximately the same dimensions. I like a fairly wide ski underfoot for the everyday variety of conditions at W/B. I am leaning towards the Bandit XX and also leaning towards dropping down to a 160.

What do you think? Any other ski recommendations? Is 160 too short?

Oh yeah, I'm also considering a pair of Dynastar Little Big Fats in a 160 for those really big powder days to replace my 170 Chubbs.


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Don't be afraid to go real short. I'm 6'1" , 185 lbs and I'm on 167cm slalom skis. Some of the new skis are just designed to be skied short. I generally get the second or third longest size of any ski I'm interested in. Sometimes that's 165 and other times it's 180.
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nolo is an expert skier, PSIA Examiner, no less. She's 5'2" and 110 pounds. I think she skis the K2 Axis X in 160, but I could be wrong. Maybe if I send her a link to this thread she might tell you herself.
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I ski the T9 Spire and T9X in a 160 (the Axis X only goes down to 167). It is the perfect length for me.

I like to select skis based on the footprint as much as the length, and the construction is something I also consider. I prefer a narrow waisted ski. The Spire has dimensions 106/64/95 and the T9X has 111/70/101. The women's skis are made of a lighter construction for easier swing weight, which makes them less fatiguing for the lighter weight skier.
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Check out the Atomic 9.22 aka R:9 as well, its very light and has very similar dimensions to your Volant's. My son who is 5' 5", 110 lbs skis them in a 160 when we're at Whistler off the beaten tracks. It's a much more fun and lively ski than the Volant's.
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Woah, I was just about to post almost the exact same question. I am about your size (5'1" 112 pounds) and I also have been leaning strongly towards the Bandit XX's. I can't decide if I want 170's or 160's though. A few other skis I have looked at are those Atomic 9.22's and Dynastar Intuitiv 69L. Right now I ski on 160's but I wonder if 170's are more stable. But the guy at my ski shop said that the Bandits are probably stiff enough that somebody my weight wouldn't have a problem with thier stability. I read a review for the Bandit XX in a copy of Ski Press, its a free ski mag. Seemed that all the testers loved em, they were in the Off Piste All Mountaineers section, so I take it they are good in powder. The women testers especially loved them. I recomend you pick up a copy of that mag and see the review for yourself. I am 80% sure I am getting the Bandit XX's but stil not sure about the size... has anybody here skied Bandit XX's? what did you think?
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Hey everyone, I'm loving all this info I'm getting. Thanks!!
Keep it up!

I have a separate question on the Dynastars so I'll start a new thread on it. Hopefully there's some Dynastar experts out there who can answer it.

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On the length thing. If you can get your hands on the Ski Canada ski test issue (Oct. issue?) you'll find that most women tested skis with lengths of 150/160. The other suggestions that recommend you go short; they're right on.
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My wife skis has skied the XX in 160cm since last season. She is 5'3" 110 lbs and an expert skier. When the snow has been soft (Jay Peak) she has enjoyed it and wouldn't go any longer. [She also skis the Atomic 9.12 in 150cm for the usual New England hardpack days].

Enjoy the shopping!
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