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powder ski length

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Just wondering, would a 165 pocket rocket be too small for me? Im 5'10, 150, aggressive.
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In my opinion yes. I have skied with lots of folks on the PR and had them on demo. I think you should be looking at the 175, and could manage the 185 depending on your style and objectives. PR is a relatively soft ski, and you need a little more fore-aft stability in deep snow. Your weight is ideal for this ski, and you won't have the tendency to overpower the front end like I do.
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I agree with Cirquerider
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I am 5' 6" and 160 pounds. I ride the 165 pocket rockets. They are perfect for me. They plane out and float on top of the snow just fine with me on them. Skied them at mammoth last year on a real deep fresh dry day and still had absolutely no problems. But you are a bit taller than me. I could easily handle the 175's but living in the east and loving to ski our tight ass trees as much as I do. I need a hair shorter ski to throw them around a bit quicker . The 165 pocket rocket performed better for me than the 175 did when I demoed them both on the same day.
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I am 144lbs and 5'9 & 1/2" I have skiied both PRs in a 165 and 175. Out west, the 175 is definitely more useful in powder & off piste. In the east, the difference isn't as dramatic. I would say the 165 can turn on a dime and the 175 can turn on a quarter. The only reason I would get the 165 would be if it were dramatically cheaper to buy.
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