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Boots/liners!? I have a very analitical mind, and ignoring schpeel about boot fitting some thoughts came to mind and how Boot manufacturers try murder our feet with universal liners. Take a liner out of a shell and look at the inside of the boot, shape wise then look at the liner shape?
I've a mind to put a plastic bag in a shell and fill with foam to compare with the outer shape of a liner. Then mould my foot, and again, put a bag into a liner in the boot and cast that to see how the space compares to the actual moulding of my foot.
I bet the liner no where near is the shape of the inner shell, and the moulding of the liner space where your poor foot goes will be frightening.
To my mind, most shells are the same. shall we be generous and say $30 worth of plastic and buckles? The shell to my eyes needs good adjusting buckles, say a cant facility, maybe. Liners? That is the most important part of any boot. It's the interface between the shape of your foot and the shape of the inside of the shell. No boot warrents $500 plus. I had a pair of Salomon performa 8's fitted. Perfect fit! then what happened?? Fitter put the liners on a heater, and shrunk them!?? WHY?? On the slopes they strangled hell out of my feet! So I stripped the liner down. Took a ton of faom out! Badly shaped instep tongue made of thick plastic was digging into my toe tendons, three layers of foam where large veins/nerves run. So from a perfect fit where does the liner go when shrunk? only place it can go is away from the inside of the shell!??? The whole concept is flawed. So I phoned a company up and asked about foam liners. "what boots do you have??" so I said new performa 8's. "ah, not worth it" he said, "liners will cost more than the boots!". ???????? AND SO THEY SHOULD! What he meant was I needed to have a $500 dollar pair of racing Atomics I suppose that warrents the foam liner cost?? The liners are the interface between your foot and the boot shell. Through that to the ski and "all" your control. warm comfortable feet and enjoy the whole day out instead of being tortured. There are advanced skiing techniques now that demand more flex in the boot, and the aim is to put (in an ideal situation), 50% of your weight through your uphill ski during turns. Takes some practice but it works.
$500 for a pair of racing boots with little flex maybe ok for super G or downhill racing but not most general sking now.
I shall pay $200 plus for foam liners and have only the space my foot leaves in the shell' filled with foam, and not what the manufacturer thinks that space "may" be. A well functioning shell shouldn't cost $200 plus, but a liner is worth more than that.

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I agree, more is put into the shell than into the liner.
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Boot Color??
Further to my last, what do boot fitting shops say? "don't pick boots by the color!"
Why not? Because they might not have the size you need left on the shelf? , or the rubbish Liner supplied with this boot might not fit your foot with that make Sir! That's nearer the truth.
I think every new pair of boots should have foam fillable liners. As long as there is space between your foot and the shell and that measured properly, then foam fillable liners will fit your foot perfectly into any boot, AND the color you want!
Manufacturers put shell looks before the quality of the liner. I think they need to change their philosophy of boot fitting.

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