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Nordica Beast: Softening Flex

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I've got a great deal on some Beast's (Barely used, $200 from my brother-in-law, right size)but am worried (rightfully so, advanced intermediate, can ski all groomed slopes comfortably if not aggressively) that it is too stiff a boot for me. I love the fit of the Nordica's, but have been focusing on buying either the W10 (70-80 Nordica Flex Index)or possibly the W12 (90-100 Flex Index). Had not even considered the Beast because of the stiffness.

However, it's such a deal that I'm wondering how easy would it be for a bootfitter to reduce the flex of the Beasts? What would the process be, and how much would that cost?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Any thoughts from anyone : ? My window of opportunity is closing, and I don't want to make a mistake. Thanks
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If you like your boots that you have now... don't mess with it. Especially with boots, do not make a change for the sake of making a change.
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Boots can certainly be softened, my understanding is that it usually involves cutting slots in the shell or grinding away the plastic such that the shell is able to flex. I've been cautioned in the past to make sure you get someone that knows what they're doing to do the work to make sure the boot softens in the right plane (for/aft) and the right degree. For example, if your is inflexible too much forward flex could actually damage your achilles tendon.

That being said, my understanding is that softening a boot is one of the easier boot-fitting tasks but seek out a professional and ask them. Why don't you call someone at a reputable shop and ask them.
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The Nordica Beast can be set at a stiffness of 100 with a hex wrench. You can also soften the tongue a little by removing the plastic piece stuck to the top of the tongue with Velcro. There is also a piece attached to the back of the liner that can be removed.

Boot softening usually requires someone slitting the shell. I know a few people that have had their Nordica Grand Prix softened that way with mixed results. I wouldn't recommend it.
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Thanks for everyones input.

Rio - Is the hex wrench to 100 in the same as the hard/ soft adjustment?
Phil - looking for new boots, Old Tecnica's front shell turned into chicklets
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I just looked at my Beasts. I was mistaken on what the soft setting was. It is 110. My last boots were some Nordica Grand Prix with a soft setting of 100 and they felt as stiff as my Beasts.
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Doid, the Beast shell (with a Nordica flex index of 110-120)is the same as the W12 shell (with a flex index of 90-100). On the W12 the power strap has 2 bands for more forward flex and the Beast has 3 bands for less forward flex. So, with the hex wrench, set the adjustment to soft, remove the front and rear velcroed in spoilers and get a W12 power strap or a 2 ply Booster strap to replace the standard one. It's a great boot, if it fits you will love it.
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Have you tried skiing the Beasts? If not you might give it a try, I'm probably about your level and tried to Beast due to how well they fit and didn't find them to be too stiff and I'm a pretty small guy (around 5'6" 160).
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Thanks again, this board never fails.

I'm not familiar with the Booster strap so this may sound stupid, but does anyone know if it's possible to simply cut one of the three bands to make it a two band strap, and therefore softer flexing?
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Maybe I don't get the Booster strap, but if I want my Beasts to be a little softer I just don't pull on my Booster strap as hard when fastening it. I don't see why you would need to replace it.
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Oh, you want to do the logical thing? The easy thing? Sure. Yes one of the bands can be removed.
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Originally posted by Dano54:
Oh, you want to do the logical thing? The easy thing? Sure. Yes one of the bands can be removed.
How? I have the Nordica Beasts and it looks to me like the three bands are stitched together on the end.
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